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RCSU Elections 2009: Manifestos

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Mar 08 2009 18:15

The Inferior Union is also electing its exec at the moment, so if you are a scientist and you're lost (or here because of our superior news reporting) see who wants to steer the RCSU ship next year.

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Mar 09 2009 17:04

This looks promising, the VPO competition will be very interesting.

RCSU events this year have been good, but this years treasurer seems to have a more genuine manifesto. I also quite like Tim's ideas.

Oliver Rogers sounds a little arrogant in his manifesto, but Scott's is slightly tacky.

The VPA looks like he would be competent, so does the treasurer, the thing with these positions is that there is no opposition, the same with publicity and web communications. Its is quite nice that they still bothered to provide manifestos.

Seeing as there is no competition for President, i assume that Katya-yani will be good for the role, she looks slightly crazy though, maybe thats a good thing...

2. hmmm   
Mar 09 2009 17:31

I have attended all the RCSU events this year (unlike the previous years) and they were spectacular. Katya-yani has done a good job as VPA and from my personal encounters; she has the capability of being a great president.

It?s surprising that VPA this year is running uncontested since it is usually a pretty hot position. Fortunately the only person standing for VPA looks like he has a pretty good idea how to have fun?

Is this Delius Downs an events officer? I did not even know that.

I really like the AAO, manifesto is really convincing.

Mar 09 2009 21:01

Adam Gill sent me his manifesto, and claimed that i wasnt published because of inside politics, i therefore submit it:


In 1983, a team of crack draw enthusiasts,

Created a master plan,

A design for a way of living,

So revolutionary, so ground breaking,

That its very concept posed a threat to the fabric of society,

The implications of this radical movements political Manifesto,

Posed a threat to the UK authorities,

Who in turn drove its founder members underground,

Now for the first time in world history,

These shadowy figures of chaos reveal...

The Manifesto


Thats the sound of da police!


Thats the sound of the beast!


Thats the sound of da police!


Thats the sound of the beast!


Thats the sound of da police!


Thats the sound of the beast!

Mar 09 2009 21:05

I too heard Adam Gill is being held down by internal politicking. I shall be giving him my vote and encourage all others to do the same.

Mar 09 2009 21:24

Adam can of course still submit his manifesto to Live and have it published. He had to send them to Live and RCSU separately (which he probably didnt do).

Mar 09 2009 21:29

This is all a conspiracy to make Senor Gill look bad. I know he submitted both his manifestos as I was there as he did it. Vote Gill and end Imperial politicking !

Mar 09 2009 23:38

I dont understand why would be 'politicking' in RCSU elections?

Mar 09 2009 23:42

Adam, please submit a manifesto or we will start to think you are not taking this seriously....

9. Name   
Mar 10 2009 01:31


10. Editor   
Mar 10 2009 14:30

I stole all the manifestos from the Union Website when I didn't have them sent to me.

Apologies to Adam if he has submitted a manifesto that has made it to neither me or the Returning Officer. You can still submit them to where I will put them up late.

Mar 10 2009 15:45

Wow. Fiona did NOT SHUT UP at hustings.

Post edited to remove unsubstantiated commentary.

Also, RCSU can in NO way be held responsible for the timings of the Summer and RAG Balls, seeing as how they scheduled neither of them.

Furthermore, the richer the Union, the more money 5% means.

Mar 10 2009 16:01

I think that the guy running for Web Communications Officer will be REALLY good. He's so clever and funny and nice. And good looking too.

If you know him, seriously, give him like ?10. He's just that cool. I mean, I've never spoken to him or anything, but he's like... super cool.

Mar 10 2009 19:58

Wow. "Tilly Lopham" you clearly have a problem with a question I asked you. Threatened by your competitors?

Give a s**t what you think. I have the right to ask any question I want at hustings. Its the point in it.

I know the RCSU is not directly responsible for the summer ball or the RAG ball but the RCSU is accountable to its students and should be representing us properly. The exams dates were set before the RAG week date was decided and this should have been noted.

And clearly you're not having the right type of sex if you're boy/girlfriend resolves to talking about politics during the act. The DPFS and I actually had a conversation about union politics over a nice cup of tea.

"The richer the union, the more money 5% means"

err......the union is rich. the money is in its account. therefore the cut that college makes is on incoming funding and so doesnt affect this. use your brain before engaging your fingers.

Mar 10 2009 22:01


16. lol...   
Mar 10 2009 22:03

I think we need some perspective.

i.e. chill the feck out

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Mar 10 2009 22:35
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Mar 10 2009 22:54
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Mar 10 2009 23:01
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Mar 10 2009 23:08
Mar 10 2009 23:40

1. Choose a better pseudonym or risk getting into yourself into trouble.

2. The RCSU do organise the RAG Ball and therefore have every power to decide when it will be.

22. This post has been deleted.
Mar 10 2009 23:52
23. @21   
Mar 10 2009 23:53

Not totally true! The RCSU can only negotiate a few dates with clubs without having to pay astronomical prices. Thus it is not totally free to pick dates. As you should well know.

24. This post has been deleted.
Mar 11 2009 00:02
25. @21   
Mar 11 2009 00:05

Check your facts before you post. Your "number 2" is a load of c**p.

Mar 11 2009 00:11

Seriously, come on guys... this is just lame.

The RCSU tries their best. Let's just chill dudes.

Tilly Lopham FTW!!!!1!!

Mar 11 2009 00:14

@ 21: There is a whole term during which you can organise a RAG ball, it doesn't have to be during RAG week. Surely it cannot be too difficult to ensure it doesn't clash with exams in the (very limited number of ) departments in the RCSU.

@ 25: Did RCSU organise the RAG Ball at Maya or not? No. 23 seems to think they did and I am more inclined to trust them as they can at least remain polite. If they didn't then why did they claim to have through the pre-event advertising and subsequent write-up in Broadsheet?

Mar 11 2009 00:22

I'm not saying they couldn't organise it... I'm just saying they couldn't choose the DATE. Understand?

Mar 11 2009 02:55

Vote Gill and end Imperial politicking once and for all!!

As the voice of the common man (slightly racist, but in a 'come on... they do all sort of look the same' kinda way) Adam Gill has the well deserved and unwavering support of Imperial's entire Brazilian contingent.

that is all.

Mar 11 2009 07:36

Um... no! Sorry! I don't understand that at all.

Are you telling me it is total coincidence that the RAG Ball happened to fall during RAG Week and that is the only date in the ENTIRE Spring term that Maya could offer? I find it hard to believe that in a three month period there was so little flexibility that RCSU could not choose the date.

If however that is true, why is the RCSU pandering to the whims of London clubs in scheduling their events rather than looking out for the needs of their members? If someone is offering you inappropriate dates to allow all of your members the chance to attend then take your custom elsewhere! They might suddenly become more flexible.

Mar 11 2009 09:52

Your up early!

Always choosing a multiple of 3 for your number?

I dont know how the RCSU works but I went to the RAG ball. Wasn't it organised by RAG and not the RCSU??? I may be wrong.

32. ahem   
Mar 11 2009 10:03

The RAG Ball was scheduled for that date because the RAG Committee decided to hold RAG week beginning on that Monday. It's not the RCSU's fault.

p.s. I love Tilly Lopham

Mar 11 2009 10:42

I'm pretty sure RAG Ball's supposed to be in RAG Week. That's why it's called the RAG Ball. Every RAG Week, RCSU gets an event and the CGCU gets one too. We usually do RAG Ball, and they usually do a slave auction.

When the RAG Committee were planning dates for RAG Week, back in October/November, we wanted to have it on certain weeks, only to be told by the Union that we had to move it, due to other campaign weeks. I'm pretty sure one of the dates RAG suggested was when Green Week was supposed to be (i.e. NOW), so RAG didn't actually have complete control as to when RAG Week was to be.

After the dates for RAG Week was set, the RCSU had to find a suitable venue for the Ball. Naturally, clubs would be much less willing to rent themselves out for private events at the end of the week, when they can get much more money opening up to the public. So, while it really was very regrettable that the biochemists weren't able to attend the RAG Ball - it could have meant more money for RAG - it was, for the most part, unavoidable.

If Fifi gets onto the RCSU Committee, even as a dep rep, I double dog dare her to organise a club night in Soho as successful as the RAG Ball on a Friday.


While I agree with most of what you're saying, just be civil, (wo)man.

Mar 11 2009 10:50

chill out guys,

Firstly, there is absolutely no need to attack anyone on a personal level. Fiona seems passionate about the biochems which is always a good thing, and i dont know about annabel, but RCSU events have been much better this year.

I have met Katya-yani and am pretty that she organised the RAG ball, maybe the RAG committee had some involvement....

It was a really good event, as were most of the events this year, we should be going into next year with optimism.

Mar 11 2009 10:57

the rcsu did organise RAG ball, RAG had very little to do with it, they worked the door and seemed to be rewarding themselves with free drinks...

The organisers did try very hard to change the date of the ball to accommodate the biochemists but the only available date was for three weeks after RAG week, and surely the point of RAG week is that all the events happen then.

This was the only event that Biochemists could not come to...

lets get some perspective here

Mar 11 2009 11:08

Righto, I really do think this is getting a tad silly.

I have apologised for the timing of RAG ball and am working on an event after the summer ball for biochemists. Next year, if elected, I will do my utmost to incorporate every member course of the RCSU into our events, it is a sensible issue that will be addressed.

We have had a good year on the whole, next year will be different and hopefully better but only because we have built the foundations this year.

I realise that this comment is vaguely like a manifesto, so I wont say any more but if you have criticisms please attempt to make them constructive.

I don't buy the whole 'RAG Ball must be in RAG Week' rubbish. There are plenty of other RAG events going on during that week that one event wouldn't be missed. RAG have been collecting money since November (they were at the Freshers' Ball!) so money arguments are not valid either.

The question brought up by the BioChems is very valid. They also cannot make it to the Summer Ball so there is even more reason to ensure RCSU caters for their needs. To respond to this with 'lets get some perspective' shows a complete disregard for a large proportion of your membership who you are neither effectively representing or listening to.

This problem rears it's head over and over again and RCSU remain oblivious and now seem to want to aggrevate the situation. Under these circumstances it is appalling that everyone is hiding behind pseudonyms when you should be held to account - especially if you are seeking election. It is cowardly.

I can afford to be hypocritical on that point as I am not standing for an RCSU position and therefore shouldn't be held to account on my ideas. From the nature of this discussion I assume the same can't be said for the rest of you.

Mar 11 2009 11:11

Finally someone has a clue!

RCSU might not be going down the pan after all. :o)

As i said, all constructive criticism is welcomed, thanks for your opinions, it is refreshing that people who are not standing for positions care about the RCSU.

Your comment was left before you has read mine so I hope you can see that I am committed to making sure the RCS is fair to all member courses next year.

40. Umm   
Mar 11 2009 12:20

As 36 pointed out David just after the RAG Ball that he would look into doing a big event after summer ball to counter this problem.

But it is worth pointing out that we arent talking about all biochemists. Many did go. It was 2 year groups.

who said biochem was a real subject anyway?

Mar 11 2009 14:52

Lets have some commenting in the CGCU election discussion!

Mar 11 2009 23:23

why the f**k are we discussing the RAG ball? Have you seen Adam Gill's manifesto?

It's an outrage... that this guy hasn't been bought a beer yet. Adam Gill for the win :)

44. This post has been deleted.
Mar 12 2009 00:57
45. This post has been deleted.
Mar 14 2009 19:45
Mar 14 2009 20:08

(I'm posting this under my own name rather than 'Editor' as it is my personal opinion rather than an editorial stance.)

I don't want to moderate this discussion. I don't like limiting people's freedom to post what they like when they like and I'm really pleased that people are so interested in the RCSU elections. However, if you can't all act like grown-ups then I'll end up with complaints which could result in me being forced to take this freedom away.

I'm not saying the above comment is invalid (or even the worst to be made in this discussion) but please can people try to back up negative comments with either fact or a question posed at the candidate or just generally something a bit more forward thinking. Elections are a difficult time for all involved and this is a good opportunity for you to display an advanced level of decision making.

Bloomin' scientists...

Mar 16 2009 15:21


48. @A   
Mar 16 2009 16:05


Mar 16 2009 20:11


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