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Profiling the Candidates 2009: Guilds President

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Mar 09 2009 00:39

Live! Reporter, Milli Begum, is a fearsome but fair critic. She takes Guilds Presidential Candidate, Kirsty Patterson, to task to find out if there really is any reason to vote for her in the upcoming elections.

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Mar 09 2009 10:59

Medics ARE scientists! (at imperial anyway)

*covers head*

Mar 11 2009 17:43

Is there any plan to "profile" any other candidates? Or just the Live editor? If so, isn'T that biased and unfair?

Mar 11 2009 17:57

The interviewer intended to interview the ICU President Candidates but hasn't got around to it yet as they were both too busy. There's now only one so we might get that out sometime this week.

How can it be biased when all the candidates for that position were interviewed? :oP

Mar 11 2009 18:31

biased as in: no other candidate for any other position was able to talk about his/her campaign in this great detail.

But good to know that there is more to come ;)

Mar 11 2009 23:31

It's not like this is the news website of City & Guilds College Union or anything. *Nudge nudge wink wink*

Everyone else should be pleased we covered their elections at all.

Plus it's damn right that people should be able to put etra questions to an unopposed candidate. Why did two people pull out of this election before close of nominations? Damned shame!

Of course now Ashley is unopposed he deserves an equally sever cornering to explain why he should beat RON.

Mar 12 2009 00:33

Because Ashley is able to spell after a night out? Unless Milli is actually planning to sever something during her interview, which may be a risk...

Mar 12 2009 10:03

Can you state how many committee posistion you held this year and how many you intend to hold next year?

Mar 13 2009 03:27

This year, eight:

Live! Editor

RSM Motor Club Chair

CGCU Honorary Secretary

CGCU Welfare Officer (briefly)

Sinfonietta Patrons Officer

RCS Motor Club Secretary

Fairtrade Events Officer (although I didn't actually organise any events for Fairtrade Fortnight so I shouldn't really deserve this...)

Next year, one:

CGCU President

9. hmmm   
Mar 13 2009 08:25

that's 7

Mar 13 2009 11:49

Either I've forgotten one or I can't count.

If you think memory or numeric skills are important to being CGCU President then vote RON.


Mar 18 2009 14:45

Would you consider running for geophys Soc Secretary/social sec...? The society is not massively established (only formed last year, but started propbably this year) but they've had some really good talks this year... I know they have someone keen to run for Chair, but it would be quite useful to have somebody experienced on the committee who'd possibly be able to help out with some of the Union stuff and maybe help advertise etc...

Go on... run, AGM's tomorrow...


Mar 18 2009 17:31

Hi Rosie or Chris or Stuart or whichever other GeophySoc Person you are,

Let me think about that...

Um, no! (Or at least probably not.) I'm not falling for this again.

Kirsty x

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