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Presidential Candidate Withdraws

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Mar 11 2009 16:58

One of the two competing Sabbatical Candidates for ICU President has withdrawn. Afonso Campos has cited family reasons for dropping out of the Presidential Race.

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1. me   
Mar 11 2009 17:14

This doesn't bother me - i think Ashley will be a great president and will hit the ground running.

(though, obviously, such a shame about afonso's family problems)

2. Voter   
Mar 11 2009 23:19

Very very sad. Let us hope that he is able to carry on with his studies unhindered.

And I look forward to running against him next year.

Mar 12 2009 00:35

Love you fonzie xxx

Mar 12 2009 01:35

I will feel safe under Ashley but I have been impressed by Fonzie's campaign and it's a great shame that he feels he can't stand any more. I wish him sanity and hope that this doesn't affect the election turnout too much.

5. Hack   
Mar 12 2009 12:16

This is the first unopposed presidential election in a long time - at least since 2002.

No offence to Ashley (who I'm sure will be great) but this is bad for democracy and bad for the union - it seriously undermines our credibility with College.

Mar 12 2009 13:36

I agree, if Afonso hadn't been in it from the start we probably would have had a few more candidates currently running as well, its a shame.

Hope to see you running in the future Fonzie!

Mar 12 2009 15:13

@Hack - no offence taken, I agree with you. It was good to have two different views on what to do next year and two sets of people campaigning. Still got RON to beat of course.

I think the problem of credibility with College won't be as bad as it could have been, as we've got good competition for the DPE and DPW elections - part of the reason for splitting the DPEW was that they spent so much time in College meetings - for many in College, it's the DPEW (and will be the DPE or DPW) they see. Credibility at Aldwych Group meetings and such like might be more of a problem...

Mar 12 2009 16:18

Just to clarify the above post, as a couple of people have asked me what I mean.

The Aldwych Group are the student unions of the Russell Group, the leading research-intensive universities. My point was that in College we'd be fine, but maybe there would be a credibility problem when going to external organisations. Probably nothing to get too excited about though, as they probably won't be trawling Live! or the ICU website to find the details of our elections!

Mar 12 2009 18:15

Ash I think it speaks volumes that you know about the far reaching implications - most students have no idea of the existence of the Aldwych Group!

I think with the larger Sabbs, quality is more important than quantity. We certainly have some very high quality candiates this year, of which Ashley is certainly one.

Mar 13 2009 01:48

The Aldwych and 94 Group eyes are on you, Ashley!

Mar 13 2009 03:22

Haha. I knew that comment would only get you into trouble. You of all people should know that Live! is a favourite haunt of many an NUS hack...

Mar 13 2009 09:14

Yes, my mistake, plenty of hacks watching...

13. err   
Mar 17 2009 10:43

Are we members of the 94 Group?

Mar 17 2009 10:54

Sad news about Afonso, but congratulations are in order for Ashley. He is incredibly hacky (in terms of knowledge, not level of asshattery), but also pretty damn sensible about things. I'd say that's quite rare for a sabb.

Should be a good year!

Mar 17 2009 11:59

We aren't in the 94 Group, but a fair few UL colleges are. Maybe they got confused.

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