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Profiling the Candidates 2009: ICU President

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Mar 13 2009 17:31

Live! Reporter, Milli Begum, returns to interview ICU Presidential Candidate Ashley Brown so that she can find out if he'll really be up to the job.

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Mar 14 2009 19:04

I've changed the formatting after feedback from a few people so it is more similar to the previous interview with the Guilds Presidential Candidate. Let us know what you think as these interview style articles are new and we haven't really got a standard formatting.

Also let us know if you like them and we'll do more! (Personally I think they are great...)

You can leave comments here or email to give us your feedback.

Mar 14 2009 20:28

"I ask how he'll improve evening entertainment when he doesn't usually attend them. Do you ever dance in dBs?"

Isn't that the problem? If Ashley had said 'yes' then he'd be one of less than a handful of people who ever go into dBs for Union ents. In my opinion his answer is more representative of the majority of Imperial's students. They (and I presume he) don't go because the entertainments are awful. I'm looking forward to any changes he might make. (Quite frankly it couldn't get worse so any change will be a step in the right direction.)

I also think Ashley and Danny will make an excellent team. They both seem passionate about improving the union services and this is not a moment too soon. In fact it is about five years overdue!

I like the interview style but I feel like Ashley could have been questioned a bit more deeply. The interviewer seems to play devil's advocate in being overly-critical on some less important aspects while not pushing for more information in areas of greater interest. I have spoken to Ashley about his manifesto so I know that he is perfectly forthcoming on all of his ideas. Maybe he is just more convincing in real life.

3. Milli   
Mar 18 2009 14:20

Cheers for the feedback Night Fever.

I'd be interested to know what you mean by areas of greater interest? I guess this is subjective. I asked about things that interested me and took questions from others as well. The intention of the piece is to get Ashley across rather than only focusing on his manifesto (as there were already lots of ways to learn more about that).

Thanks again for your comments, it's the first time I've done this kind of thing and constructive criticism is appreciated!


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