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Sabbatical Elections 2009: ICRadio Interviews

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Mar 14 2009 23:04

ICRadio Presenter, Rich Waldie, meets up with some of the Candidates in this years Sabbatical Elections. Listen to what they have to say before you place your vote!

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Mar 15 2009 16:38

I would just like to point out that I was interviewed by IC radio on Friday as I could not make the Wednesday session as I was at a Union Court hearing. Could the editor please make the audio available.

Mar 15 2009 16:54

Apologies Alex, this is all I've been sent!

I'll try and edit the Friday show as soon as possible or people can listen to it at by finding the show in the listen again section.

Mar 16 2009 01:18

Again apologies to Alex, whose interview is now available above.

On a related note I just listened back to my ICRadio interview from two years ago. Oh dear god! What were you guys thinking when you elected me?! No don't answer that...

Jun 01 2009 15:45

I think it is far enough after the elections now to be able to put these back in the public forum. :o)

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