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Evelyn Gardens Evacuated

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Mar 16 2009 21:28

Students living in Halls of Residence in Evelyn Gardens have been evacuated after an explosion has left the area with no power.

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Mar 16 2009 22:07

What was Hannah doing finishing her council report last night when it was due in before the weekend?

Mar 17 2009 00:20

Where the hell were they evacuated to and where are they staying now?

Mar 17 2009 08:59

There were rumours that Southwell was going to be evacuated, then we were brought outside and told those from the 'Dark Side' would be crashing in rooms of those from the 'Light Side'. About 10mins after this power was restored though so everyone had a fairly normal night...

Mar 17 2009 10:25

Last week was the week from hell. It was up for everyone's perusal at 8.30am- unlike the others...

Mar 23 2009 23:16

Yet more inappropriate use of the term "engineer". I very much doubt the employees of EDF have graduated from an Engineering degree. They are much more likely to be "technicians".

Please research and clarify.

Mar 23 2009 23:19

Mr ISE Student,

I am an employee of said company, and I am an MEng ACGI. It would be entirely reasonable to have an Engineer on site in this situation, along with a cable jointer.

Some Engineers do get their hands dirty - it may come as suprise to ISE students, who spend their life in fornt of a keyboard

7. haha   
Mar 24 2009 11:54


Mar 24 2009 18:55

@ ISE Student

What an arrogant dick you are.

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