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Sabbatical Elections 2009: Results!

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Mar 18 2009 17:57

If you didn't make it to the Union you can find out who the winners are here. We'll be updating the article to make it a bit more interesting tomorrow. In the meatime we're gonna go drink champagne.

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Mar 18 2009 18:47

felix and dpe are bulls**t

2. Milli   
Mar 18 2009 19:05

Wow, I was so wrong, I can kiss that Summer Ball ticket goodbye!

3. @1   
Mar 18 2009 19:09


4. Mike   
Mar 18 2009 20:08

Just no, Zoe. Just no.

Mar 19 2009 01:33

I'm OK with most of them, but DPE, seriously, for a guy who has practically been doing the job unpaid for the last two years not to get elected is absolutely criminal. Jonathan Silver, I hope you have enough commitment and exprience to live up to the expectation of your voters.

Mar 19 2009 02:22

Mike - what did Zoe do wrong?

7. Mike   
Mar 19 2009 08:29

I think "What did she do." would be a better question.

8. Alice   
Mar 19 2009 09:32

My predictions were a big cack in retrospect.

Who won Kirsty?

Mar 19 2009 11:14

Did anyone actually read the manifestos for DPE?

10. DPE.   
Mar 19 2009 11:35

WTF is going on there? No confidence.

Mar 19 2009 11:52

I'm just glad none of the "free Palestine", "end the war on terror" nutters got in. Save that for SOAS et al.

12. @1   
Mar 19 2009 12:07

I mourn the death of any intelligent discussion when that is the first think you can say.

What is wrong with felix anyway?

13. @5   
Mar 19 2009 13:12

Hear hear!

14. @12   
Mar 19 2009 14:05


Mar 19 2009 14:23

DepSoc results plx kthxbai

16. @14   
Mar 19 2009 14:58

He clearly means 'thing', right? I don't have a problem with felix either. He can't be as bad as Rupert Neate!

BTW, does Mr Silver's photo freak out anyone else?

17. Alice   
Mar 19 2009 15:04

Dep Soc Results were done separately, by different people...

CGCU ones were announced at the AGM today.

18. Scared   
Mar 19 2009 18:48

Hopefully Mr Silver can use his "Come Hither" eyes to seduce lecturers next year?

Mar 19 2009 19:13

Alternatively, as Mark Mearing-Smith assumes everyone is going to use Google Chrome as a browser, you can view them in a format where position and results are both visible here at Live! along with the CGCU Election Results.

20. @ Mike   
Mar 19 2009 22:02

What DID she do then?

21. @16   
Mar 20 2009 01:49

If he's talking about 'intelligent discussion' then surely using incorrect words spoils his argument?

22. @21   
Mar 20 2009 08:16

Quite possibly true, but could be just a typo. Hell, I've IM'ed my flatmate to buy a bag of SHOULDER before, which is probably not what you expect to put in your tea or coffee.

Are we bold enough to assume that the call for 'intelligent discussion' is even from a bloke?

23. @10   
Mar 20 2009 17:48

You tard! How can you say that after they have been democratically elected! Just because they aren't who you voted for doesn't mean they are c**p. They have been elected by the students to represent the students. Grisman has the experience but clearly you the students didn't want that. You can't no confidence someone before they start the role based on the fact that their opposition was potentially better than them. Grow up!

Mar 23 2009 19:04

Live! Competition Winners are now included in the article! Sorry for the delay.

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