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CGCU Elections 2009: Results!

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Mar 19 2009 17:08

The results of the CGCU Elections were announced at the CGCU AGM today. Just in case you didn't make it to the AGM, here they are.

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Mar 19 2009 17:51


Mar 19 2009 18:46

How many roles is Lawrence Weetman taking on? The Brown-Patterson Live! dynasty seems to be taking a new shape. Meh.

Mar 19 2009 19:00

Thank God Oli Bevis didn't get spanner and bolt bearer.

If he'd won that prestigious position Imperial would loose credibility as an international institution.

Mar 19 2009 19:08

The Brown-Patterson Live! dynasty... now there's a thought.

In other news, the Live! Reporter responsible for pressing publish when I specifically told him that was the one thing he wasn't allowed to do with his new 'editor' access will be receiving a sound beating for 'unaminous'.

Even I can spell that right, and that is saying something.

5. Rikki   
Mar 20 2009 18:59

*cough cough* FINANCE and societies...

Mar 20 2009 19:18

Vote RON for Live! Editor...

Mar 20 2009 20:31

This article has now been extensively updated. Let me know in the usual way if there are any more problems.

Mar 23 2009 09:28

Is there nothing in CGCU constitution that says one person cannot hold more than one single role on the Exec? Lawrence seems to have won elections for two roles!

Mar 23 2009 10:44

There doesn't seem to be anything that would prevent him from taking up both positions, no.

Mar 23 2009 10:52

Here we go

  1. Any person can hold more than one of the positions in Article 1.1 except for the role of President, Vice President (Activities), Vice President (Finance & Societies), and the Academic Affairs Officers.

Mar 23 2009 11:34

I don't think Guildsheet Editor is on the exec...

Mar 23 2009 11:42

I think guildsheet and live editors are on exec as media group.

Mar 23 2009 12:38

Live! Editor OR Guildsheet Editor are on Exec, depending on who was nominated as Media Group Chair at the AGM. OF course, all Chairs and Treasurers are invited but they only have one vote between them.

14. MMS   
Mar 23 2009 13:29

The linked page is incorrect and not up to date.

The correct page is

Guildsheet is a permanent observer on exec.

The Chair of Media group is on the Club & Societies Committee. Live! Editor could get on exec by being the one member of C&SC that is elected to sit on exec.

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