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CGCU Colours Awards 2009

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Mar 20 2009 17:11

Colours are awarded for outstanding contributions to City and Guilds College Union throughout the academic year. They were announced at the AGM on Thursday.

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1. OMG   
Mar 20 2009 18:18

How bad is Mark Mearing-Smith's English? Shocked.

Mar 20 2009 18:23

is thebiggestxuntbg knoqwn to man. i hatethatdouche

Mar 20 2009 18:24

i hope that natasjha reddygets liveeditor

Mar 20 2009 19:27

Boenergies - oh dear - the bible will provide you with some advice on how to spell it - try Mark Chapter 3, verse 17.

Mar 23 2009 13:20

e instead of a and an extra i. That's not that bad. And spelt amongst incorrectly. Could have done much worse.

I've edited the page.

Mar 27 2009 21:32

Grisman for DPE!!!!!!!!!!!

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