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Curent Vacancies: Apply Within!

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Mar 20 2009 21:05

Live! is gearing up for the end of the year. Which means it is time to elect a new Editor! Think you've got what it takes? Apply within...

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Mar 20 2009 22:27

Isnt thursday 19th march yesterday...?

Mar 20 2009 23:18

Yeah, I guess that should be the 26th.

Mar 21 2009 13:49

Hi there.

The AGM is indeed on March 26th. This has now been corrected in the article.


Mar 23 2009 12:11

Only CGCUer's?

Mar 23 2009 12:35

No, you don't have to be an engineer. You do have to have written for Live! in the last 12 months though.

6. Hack   
Mar 23 2009 13:41

Looking at your constitution ( it doesn't say you have to have written for Live to be able to stand.

Mar 23 2009 13:45

Wrong constitution. That is old, old old, old, old. (Even before Ashley Brown took over... that's old!)

8. Hack   
Mar 23 2009 13:56

So where is it?

Mar 23 2009 18:22

Good point.


Mar 23 2009 20:53

I wish I knew. I was there when it was passed but I can't find a copy in my email or anywhere else.

The main change was that a member of the club was defined as being an Imperial College student who had written for Live! or Guildsheet...

11. @live   
Mar 23 2009 23:51

So is the consitution in your head. It would be unfair to write a new one. Can you just leave it as the one we know.

12. Court   
Mar 24 2009 03:08

Why not ask the Court to rule? They can give you a constitution! ;)

13. Hmm.   
Mar 24 2009 14:00

"It would be unfair to write a new one. Can you just leave it as the one we know."

Not if it was passed by a general meeting. You'd have to table the old constitution as a new constitution at this AGM, and move to delay the elections until it had been passed by CAC/Exec/whoever it is now.

Alternatively you could just write an article for Live! today, hardly a big ask if you want to be editor next year...

14. @Hmm   
Mar 24 2009 15:53

But now they could just make up a consitution and lie about it. Not that I think they would.

Mar 24 2009 17:15

In that case someobody lied to Ashley and I as these were the rules that we were both elected by. It would all seem a bit elaborate to make up though. If it makes everyone happy I'll present a new constiution to the AGM on Thursday but I'd rather do my essays. Any volunteers to write a new constitution?

I'm expecting no more from this year's incumbents than was expected of myself and Ashley before our elections. However, I trust the electorate so if any sufficient hacks want to turn up and question our constitution then I'm happy for them to do so. (Does however bring into question who is allowed to vote at a CGCU Media Group AGM as the old constitution is not clear on this).

16. Monkey   
Mar 24 2009 18:14

SAC has paper copies of constitutions as well as the online ones, could go there and check to see if they have the latest one...

Mar 27 2009 01:57

Did lawrence get it then?

18. Milli   
Mar 27 2009 02:00

Yeah he did

Mar 27 2009 12:27


Next years committee:

Chair: Lawrence Weetman (Live! and Guildsheet Editor)

Treasurer: Kirsty Patterson

Secretary: Mark Mearing-Smith

Mar 27 2009 15:07

The boy is going to fail his degree.

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