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RCSU Elections 2009: Results!

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Mar 27 2009 12:56

RCSU Election Results have been out for a while. But apparently they want them here too. So we finally got around to it, albeit slowly...

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Mar 27 2009 14:47

find the name charles HYDE-ANDREWS-BIRD hilarious?

Try saying it out loud slowly...

Mar 27 2009 14:50

his nickname: Chab.

3. lol   
Mar 27 2009 14:51

hey Charles! Hide Andrew's Bird!!!

Mar 31 2009 19:36

VPO is BULLSH*T!! Jackie Fok, more like C**ppy Fok.

5. @4   
Apr 01 2009 02:07

Stfu. Jackie was a great treasurer and I'm sure she'll make a good VPO. Don't judge someone just because of the company they keep. This girl seems to have some brains on her.

Apr 04 2009 22:38

Katya as president, why did no one run against her?

Its sad that so few poeple care about the RCSU

she will probably do a good job though

Apr 05 2009 10:50

When was the last time both of the important FU presidents were women? :P

Apr 05 2009 16:33

Medic Pres could still be female too.

Apr 05 2009 18:16

Not RSM tho.

Apr 05 2009 23:41

You can definitely judge someone by the company they keep. The company the girl keeps is raging. Just plain raging.

She'll might not have "Fok"-ed with our money this year, but she'll "Fok" with Operations this year.

11. @10   
Apr 06 2009 10:23

i judge anyone who can spend more than 30 seconds with a certain biochem dep rep

12. @10   
Apr 06 2009 10:34

Yeh, I hear that Hickling girl has a 30 second turbo-handshake that no one can bear the pain of. After 30 seconds you have to run to the toilet to run your hand under cold water.

It's a shame, she would have made a good Biochem dep rep otherwise.

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