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NUS Annual Conference 2009 Underway

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Mar 31 2009 15:47

The 2009 NUS conference is under way in Blackpool, the first conference since NUS reforms were passed.

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Mar 31 2009 15:57

If only we had a Reporter who lived near Blackpool and had nothing better to do with their time...

Looks like a good Conference to report on if not a good institution to affiliate to.

Mar 31 2009 16:52

Loads of us are tweeting. Just search #nusconf or follow @benjaminfgray

Mar 31 2009 17:10

I'm trying not to Ben! It's addictive and I have coursework/revision to do (and Ashley has a PhD to finish). I'm sure we'll find enough procrastination time to update Live! though.

Mar 31 2009 17:30

Did someone mention a reporter who has nothing better to do? :p

Actually, I really do have lots of important things to do... :-|

5. Josh   
Mar 31 2009 17:32

There's a number of twitterers out there, not all (yet) using the #nusconf hashtag - I have put together a hopefully helpful list:

Mar 31 2009 18:18

The NUS are on the ball - here's an update from Session 1.

Apr 01 2009 10:18

Presidential Hustings and Votes Cast. Awaiting the count! Only two candidates this year, Wes Streeting for re-election and Rob Owen (miserable lefty).

Now back to discussing Stong and Active Unions. An update from Session 2 is available here.

Apr 01 2009 11:02

Votes are in:

  • Wes Streeting 631 votes
  • Rob Owen 140 votes
  • RON 31

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