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Caffeine Cull for College Coffees

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Apr 01 2009 07:15

College has announced a decision to switch all caffeine-containing products to their de-caffeinated counterparts by the end of Easter.

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Apr 01 2009 08:45

Not bad. But seriously, is it just me or have the prices of caffiene products skyrocketed over the last few years at college?

Apr 01 2009 09:10

It's not quite Claud's but if you want a cheap filter coffee go to Bessemer Cafe on RSM Level 3 for a 55p Filter Coffee. Only don't go when RSM lectures are on their break as the queue is halfway down the stairs.

Apr 01 2009 09:12


Apr 01 2009 09:40

Good point! I'd forgotten it was April Fool's Day! Best start thinking about what to write for this year's Live! Spoof...

Apr 01 2009 09:42

Remember the days when a can of Relentless cost 80p?


Apr 01 2009 09:59

Ha. Bloody. Ha.

Apr 01 2009 11:09

"Jayne Nearly"? Munchausen Syndrome? :o)

Here are some previous Live! April Fools for those of you who have asked:

Apr 01 2009 14:19

Not funny. My heart stopped for a second when I first read the title!

Never joke about coffee ...

9. spag   
Apr 01 2009 15:03

Nice to see the usual levels of grammatical correctness and spelling accuracy:

it's is an abbreviation of it is, the possesive form is its;

beurocratic, oh dear, try bureaucratic as in bureau for office.

10. omgz   
Apr 01 2009 15:42

So glad it's an April fools.

Was in the middle of deciding whether to stockpile or change uni when I realised!

11. Milli   
Apr 01 2009 16:14

You had me for a bit... personally I was panicking on how to sneak in Red Bull and where I could cut down to save money for Starbucks!!

12. Nik   
Apr 01 2009 16:56

Cheapest cup of coffee by far is the Chem Eng tea lady. 30p for a coffee. It's awesome!

Apr 01 2009 18:19

Apolagees for lowsy speling it was fore am in the mourning and i waz on my fivth cup of coffee trying to finish an essey.

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