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Academic Representation Questioned

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Apr 03 2009 15:03

Year Reps soliciting money for representational services has raised the issue of who is actually responsible for our Representation Structure. Union Constitution is as clear as mud.

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1. wow.   
Apr 03 2009 20:39

That's quite ballsy of them.

Apr 03 2009 22:41

Wow I'd forgotten about this. I'm happy the story has come out though. Noone should think they can get away with this...

Apr 04 2009 02:02

That's what Live! is here for. Anything else you think people shouldn't be getting away with email or fill in our Anonymous Tip-off Form.

Apr 04 2009 09:39

Ha. Yeah, not too difficult to piece together this and this!

Apr 04 2009 10:10

wtf? Why did this never go to a no-confidence? Obviously Ben, Alex and Hannah knew they had to go, but why go for this unconstitutional 'suspension' when a no-confidence is obviously what was required.

Banning them from running again is completely undemocratic. Is Jeffery Archer banned from runing for Mayor again? Let EEE year 2 decide who they want to represent them. Judjing from the fact that they were booed during a request for a 'confidence motion' I would postulate they'd want someone else...

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