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NUS Calls for Minimum Drinks Prices, And More

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Apr 03 2009 15:14

NUS Conference finished yesterday, passing an awful lot of motions including coming out in favour of minimum drinks prices.

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May 27 2009 15:15

When discussing the taxation of alcohol, John Stuart Mill stated that ?every increase of cost is a prohibition, to those whose means do not come up to the augmented price.? Following this logic, minimum drinks pricing is far more prohibitionist than alcohol taxation.

Due to revenue concerns, Mill does support the taxation of alcohol up to a point. However, he would not have supported a prohibitionist law that would lead to a decrease in revenue for the State, certainly in terms of opportunity cost.

Another Mill quote related to restrictions on alcohol-licensed venues is of note here. Minimum pricing sounds exactly like a policy that would be enacted in ?a state of society in which the labouring classes are avowedly treated as children or savages.?

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