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Snippets - 23/04/2009

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Apr 23 2009 00:31

A mostly unrelated to St George's Day non-column; Dr Who at Imperial; Jeremy Paxman's Brain; London Marathon; Money Making Loan; College Illiteracy.

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Apr 23 2009 00:36

Won't be David Tennant though will it? Bummer. They should have just kept regenerating him as the same person. Forever. :o)

Apr 24 2009 17:53

It could be Mr Tennant. I don't think they've finished filming the "specials" have they??

Apr 26 2009 15:10

Ah. What Ashley didn't say is that the anonymous informant said 'an episode in the next series'. From that I assume that it will be emo kid rather than hunky scot. If it is infact true. We can pray...

Apr 26 2009 15:47

To be honest, if they do film a Dr Who here then I doubt it'll be somewhere like Huxley (which is pretty boring inside).

It's more likely to be somewhere like Mech Eng level 1, which they'd be using representing some dis-used 1930s Hospital or something. :op

Apr 26 2009 22:03

woop woop i'm famous! Back to rant on the discussions now...

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