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Mike "reappears"

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Sep 03 2001 19:29

Mascot returned to President's Office - and an explanation (sort of).

Sep 03 2001 20:57


Sep 04 2001 10:54

I wish Mustafa would take as much interest in my lost partner BOLT as he does in that nasty big micrometer.

You'd think he'd rather be president of ICU than C&G!

3. Bolt   
Sep 04 2001 11:24

It seems like an eternity......when will the end come.......for still the RCS have me.

Mustafa take pity and rescue me too......surely you should be more interested in the mascots of C&G.......does it really mean that little to you?

Please, help me

Sep 04 2001 13:37

Fear not spanner, we will recover bolt.

We will come to save you bolt. Neither the RCS nor Mustafa (the idiot that someone put in charge)will stop us.

We all know Mustafa is more interested in the Union than he is in C&G, but never mind its a good career step.

Sep 04 2001 13:58

"Good career step" you quote oh king of troy.

You mean the great Mustafa has future plans? The only words that now spring to mind are, pray, and pray quickly, its our only hope of survival

6. bolt   
Sep 04 2001 14:09

A glimmer of hope at long last, its taken long enough.

Could someone in C&G be interested in mascotry, or am I just mistaken? I fear the latter.

Sep 04 2001 14:29

I hope the 'King of Troy' is sincere because if Bolt has not been reacquired C&G by next summer he will be ceremonially round ponded! Yes that is a threat! either you pay a Rag ransom ?TBC, raise money on a RAG treasure hunt around London TBA, steal bolt back from a RCSU function or BOLT GETS THROWN IN THE ROUND POND!

It's your choice, Mascotry either starts again this year or is over forever!

There is more to life than your degree, job prospects, Union council, becoming a SAB etc.

8. Bolt   
Sep 04 2001 14:38

King of Troy, save me, before it's too late, for I live in constant fear of being round ponded, only you can save me now.........

Sep 04 2001 15:23

Mascotry is certainly ON, i'm just worried that the RCS team are more interested in the tory leadership contest at the moment.

Mustafa wants to go further in the union and on this planet thats what worries me. Plus who made him mike bearer, its a bit hypocritical if you ask me!!

Sep 04 2001 15:48

Don't you go worrying about the RCS King of Troy. We understand that you have more than enough on your plate to worry about at the moment, being in C&G and all that.

But, I do agree with your last comment, why did he accept when he holds a hate for mascotry? Hardly seems logical. Supporting the Union by being official Mike Bearer, yes it looks good, but only if you're doing it for the right reasons. Catch my drift?

Sep 04 2001 16:04

LIVE and the C&G website are looking much better. However the future is looking grim. As well as saving Bolt from the nasty RCS Blackholers, i might have to save the union from Mustafa as well.

God, it's a hard life at IC. No Life, No Women and Dictators all over the place, and we haven't even started the year yet!!!

12. Bolt   
Sep 04 2001 16:09

King of Troy speaks words of truth; its a sad reality we live in

13. sam   
Sep 05 2001 11:23

... deeply deeply SAD

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