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Hellish Night for ICT

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May 15 2009 11:25

Students trying to revise overnight and first thing this morning were faced with a complete failure of the College ICT systems, after the cooling system in ICTs data centre failed.

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May 15 2009 11:41

Is it just me, or are college internetz going down a lot more often than they used to?

May 15 2009 11:43

This important what? Editor got an exam today?

May 15 2009 11:52

That's not a typo, that's my thesis content emerging into Live! articles.

May 15 2009 11:55

Makes your comment on my first article quite ironic. :o)

May 15 2009 11:56


May 18 2009 13:55

omg live! is slow ..... yawnnnnn

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