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Snippets: 22/05/2009

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May 22 2009 19:07

An utterly miserable non-column: No Confidence; Down, down, down; Fairtrade Fluff-up, Unspoken Apartheid; All Downhill from Here.

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May 22 2009 20:54

"The last time the Steering Committee met was early in 2008 when it consisted of DPEW Kirsty Patterson, Fairtrade Chair Jonas Neubert, Head of Catering Jane Neary, Faculty of Medicine Projects and Operations Manager Janet Holland and Strategic Purchasing Advisor Andy Hitchman."


It is true that there are very few black students at Imperial, however to say that it is majority white is f**king ridiculous. Anybody who had spent 5 f**king minutes on campus would know how ludicrous that idea is.

May 23 2009 12:22

felix never said that the steering committee were informed by Fairtrade that Imperial lost its status, it said that Fairtrade contacted "the commerical services department".

the reason that we lost fairtrade status is because while there may have been a steering committee in your year as DPEW kirsty, there wasn't one this year.

do you understand?

May 23 2009 14:08

Unspoken apartheid? Well, you can't blame Admissions for not wanting to collect all those international student tuition fees. Far too much paperwork.

May 24 2009 16:47

Yeah I understand.

I think the article was commenting more on the fact that Felix's opening line said 'Imperial College lost its Fairtrade status last week' when we lost it over a year ago. Also, we weren't contacted by the Fairtrade Foundation ('we' meaning anybody with any relation to Imperial be that commercial services or none existant Steering Committee). We found out that we lost the status due to someone in the Sherfield Building (Joseph Wilkins) contacting them.

Do you understand? ;)

I actually felt bad publishing a story in direct contrast to Felix's opening news story (hence the apology) but there were 'so many mistakes' as you pointed out! I honestly don't know how we ended up with such contrasting information.

Jonas - yeah I think we met all of once, just before Fairtrade Fortnight.

May 25 2009 13:32

how jonas neubert and kirsty ended up with such contrasting information

May 25 2009 16:51

If you are implying that Jonas was felix's source then it is even more of a mystery as he was also the person to email Live! (well me, but same thing).

Maybe Jonas can enlighten us all?

8. no...   
May 25 2009 17:56

i'm implying that it's funny that jonas doesn't know about the meeting that he apparently attended...

May 27 2009 23:17

that lmu wasn't in the guardian league tables because it's not in any league tables because it believes that the government should be the only assessor of university standards.

May 29 2009 18:39

Has Abbott visited Imperial? Nope

Jun 02 2009 03:45

Uh, I am the source to this article? Awesome, I didn't know that. But nevermind. I cannot remember having a steering group meeting but I am forgetful and we might well have had one.

The whole Fairtrade University thing never particularly bothered me personally. When I was chair of the Fairtrade Soc I found and today still find it much more interesting and important to inform people about such things as fair trade (and free trade and world trade) than getting permission to use a badly designed logo. The fact that IC lost Fairtrade status without even knowing just confirms to me that the UK Fairtrade Foundation is a joke.

Jun 02 2009 03:47

And before someone comes and wonders whether Kirsty made up the fact that she received an email from me: I sent her one to point out the "fluff-up" after I myself received one from that dude in the Blue Cube. I just didn't know this article was a consequence of that email.

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