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Elections? What Elections?

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May 24 2009 17:03

Live! seems to have right-royaly screwed up by missing the Union Summer and Postgraduate Elections Nominations entirely, but should students really have to look out for elections?

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1. voter   
May 24 2009 21:45

surely its the job of the media to make everyone aware of them, not complain when nobody notices...?

May 24 2009 21:57

It wasn't exactly made obvious to us either. We have admitted it was a balls-up. But we're still only volunteers with degrees to fail.

May 25 2009 09:59

Journalists holding the Union to account when somebody else is in the wrong, volunteers with degrees to fail when they're in the wrong. Don't you love the 'media'?

4. @3   
May 25 2009 11:23

But the Union is quite wrong this time.

5. Y M   
May 25 2009 12:07

So theres the Union email = mass publicity

theres the front page of the website = mass publicity,277,ICUNS.html

what else are the union supposed to do... retards! Place an add on the bb fricking c

May 25 2009 13:39

You've also not commented yet on the medic elections that may have been held last week....

May 25 2009 14:00

Live! is a CGCU news site, after all. :-p

May 25 2009 14:44

bulls**t. if that's a defense then live! shouldn't f**king report on anything not directly relevant to cgcu.

May 25 2009 16:33

@3 The difference with Live! is that we admitted we'd done something wrong. Hands up. Sorry. Guess that's not good enough for you though?

@5 Everyone complains when 'the media' don't cover something. But the Union have an attitude of not telling us when they do something that should be publicised and waiting for us to find out for ourselves. This usually means 'good news' is either missed or late and therefore not 'news'. The Union needs to improve it's communication with students and that includes the student media. It's not like they don't know who I am. Why did noone think to ask 'are you going to run an article on nominations? It would really help our publicity.' I would have said yes.

@8 Live! is a CGCU news website. We cover central Union and CGCU news and other Higher Education issues. We covered RCSU elections this year and in the past as they were run parallel to CGCU's elections and we have quite a wide science faculty readership. There has not been a demand for Medic news in the past but if there is a growing medic readership then fair enough. Quite frankly though, election coverage is time consuming and stressful and I don't see the point if there are only three medics who ever visit this site (who probably already know who they are voting for or are running themselves anyway). I am happy to be corrected if there is a sudden barrage of emails and comments from dissatisfied medics. If you're here then I'll write stuff you're interested in!

May 25 2009 18:59

I must admit... covering elections is fairly tedious. Hehe.

May 25 2009 21:21

The dates are wrong as well, apparently. Union website says the voting opens on 29th May and closes on 2nd June- not the 26th.

I did think a month was a bit long...

May 25 2009 22:43

"Union have an attitude of not telling us when they do something that should be publicised and waiting for us to find out for ourselves"

what part of mass email and union website constitutes not telling you?

You could have not said anything, instead you sound like Live! should be spoon-fed the news. It's the job of journalists to find out what's going on and tell their readers. If you fail to find out what's going on, it's your fault, not the Union's.

May 26 2009 10:50

Or the union could use the official mailing list for the media whenever they have something newsworthy?

I'm sure they could set up an automatic email to that list when ever the front page story on the union website changes.

May 26 2009 12:08

@ @editor

Ok, it's my fault. The Union is clearly perfect. Thanks for letting me know. The fact the union has not sent out a single press release to the media mailing list but chooses instead to just put adverts in felix has nothing to do with it.

(BTW, I made a point of discerning between stuff the Union wants/needs to publicise, which we occaisionally miss; and stuff they don't want us to know, which more often we don't. Live! could hardly be accused of being spoon-fed the news.)

15. @ 14   
May 26 2009 20:02

press release? are u joking?

how can you possibly still be criticising the Union on this?

May 26 2009 22:30

Oh, I'm not. I have told every person that complained about not knowing there was an election happening that it is entirely my fault. ;o)

17. Otter   
May 26 2009 23:10

Did Felix write an article about these elections?

PS - Loving the sarcasm, even if it is the lowest form of wit

18. @17   
May 27 2009 00:55

I don't think it's sarcasm. That's exactly what she's been telling people.

19. felix   
May 27 2009 12:50

yes otter we did write about the elections.

May 31 2009 09:00

To all those coming all high-and-mighty about Kirsty not reading the Union email, a simple question;

When was the last time you read a Union email?

I gave up three years ago, when I realised that there was never anything in them other than the hacks telling us what a good job they're doing and Malcom promoting his latest DnB s**tfest.

The bulk emails we get from the Union and Departments are so frequent and contain so little useful information that I've found the signal to noise ratio too low to be worth reading.

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