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NUS Denies Advising Students to 'Leave UK'

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May 28 2009 11:29

The BBC reckons the NUS are backing government advice for students to leave the UK. The NUS reckons there is enough spin on the article that it's moment of inertia would be virtually negligible.

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May 28 2009 13:43

i love the first paragraph. "She shoots... she scores!"

May 28 2009 13:50

i suspect that the story on the bbc news website was broken, and then they changed the leaflet to avoid embarrassment.

May 28 2009 16:39

Then the graduates become more globalized, just like the scores of international students who leave their own country to pursue an education here. If Asians can come to Europe why British cannot go and work in Asia?

4. Hmm.   
May 28 2009 17:05

The advice on working abroad doesn't seem so bad- the tone is more "If you want to see the world, here's where to find some information". More worrying is the advice to go for "entry-level positions" in "retail or hospitality": how much more will it take for them to realise they're pushing too many people through higher education, if they're already encouraging graduates to work on a checkout or as a waitress (jobs where a degree won't even be advantageous when applying, only direct experience counts)?

5. haha   
May 28 2009 23:41

The ga im

You just lost it

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