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Third Place for Imperial in Times

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Jun 03 2009 18:39

The Times Good University Guide sees Imperial placed at third below Oxford and Cambridge Universities, despite our falling ranking in the Guardian.

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Jun 03 2009 18:52

Only commies read the Guardian anyway.

2. D.   
Jun 03 2009 19:17

I can't believe they didn't notice that all the tables have a column named "Graduate Prospectus"...

Spelling mistakes aside, I find it crazy that Oxford & Cambridge are giving such high numbers of firsts & 2:1s. Degree classes should be a way for employers to judge the results of a student *relative to the university*. Unfortunately it seems the other top universities don't use this system so we'll probably be forced to follow their lead.

Jun 03 2009 20:34

Clearly this proves that degrees at Imperial are far harder than Oxbridge

4. Dave   
Jun 04 2009 14:01

What are the 1st and 2:1 rates at Oxbridge for comparable subjects?

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