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Concerning League Tables: Julia Buckingham

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Jun 04 2009 20:17

In the second of a series of interviews investigating Imperial's performance in national league tables, Live! speaks to Professor Julia Buckingham to find out what we are doing to improve.

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Jun 04 2009 23:12

"I think employers recognise the quality of Imperial's education."

This is bollocks. Graduate employers look for 1st or 2:1. The rest go in the bin, Imperial or otherwise.

Jun 04 2009 23:57


I wouldn't agree with that actually, I got a 3rd from IC but 2 years later, I'm earning ?45K a year in the technology industry with good prospects for promotion.

One day, you'll leave university and join the real world

Jun 05 2009 02:06

excuse me for being nosey, but what part of the country are you in @2??

Jun 05 2009 09:39


I'm in London. I would stress that experience in the field was much more of a deciding factor for me than degree levels (the time spent on this probably contributed to my less than amazing degree level).

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