Sun 25 Feb 2018
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Today in Politics: What it means for Higher Education

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A week is a long time in politics, but today has been even longer! With more political upheaval than you could shake a stick at Live! gives you a round up of today's news and how it impacts on Higher Education.

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1. Good   
Jun 06 2009 09:35

Proper universities are safer under Peter Mandelson than they would be if they were given to Ed Balls. He represents the far left of the Labour Party and would be more likely to try and sneakily shift more money from good universities to the polys.

2. @Good   
Jun 06 2009 13:15

What will be safest under Lord Mandy are institutions which directly benefit business through employer-led training and applied research. Curiosity driven research and open-ended science degrees won't be high up the agenda.

Don't think there are many in the Labour Party who would remotely consider Ed Balls to be 'far left' either...

3. ps   
Jun 06 2009 13:17

In such a big department it's likely the overall HE budget will fall faster than expected, so there won't be any real winners amongst universities. Just some who don't lose quite as badly.

I wonder!

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