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ICU Colours Awards 2009

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Jun 11 2009 20:11

The Union has tonight awarded Colours to those who have contributed towards ICU during the year.

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Jun 12 2009 09:35

is this an april fools joke, or do you honestly expect us to believe some of these awards?

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david charles: great guy, very nice and good-hearted, but what did he add to the rcsu that wasn't there before?

jovan nedic: worst felix i've ever seen, enough said.

and so on...

isn't a tad bit odd that there's a committee of friends that hands out awards to themselves and their friends in the first place?

ironically, the only sensible part of the colours committee is when they through out random awards to people they don't know in order to justify the plethora of awards they've bestowed upon themselves!

Jun 12 2009 10:04

You've picked up on the president's awards. They're given out solely because the president can do so, no committee is involved.

Jun 12 2009 10:14


Maybe you haven't been involved in the Union long enough - when you're on the outside its easy to think that its just everyone who's involved in the Union giving each other pats on the back.

Being any good Union officer/club chair involves giving up a lot of your free time and thought which could be better invested in one's degree. It is a pretty thankless task at times and almost everyone on the list will have worked well in to the midnight hours or given up many weekends to contribute toward their activity.

I can't speak for individual CSC/FU colours but central Union colours are scrutinised by a broad spectrum of Union officers which ideally covers all the activities of the Union, enough so that at least one person of the Committee should know a colours nominees work and whether they deserve it or not. If you could think of a fairer way of awarding Colours, I'd love to hear it.

I think there are many people much more deserving of my award than myself and you might agree. But the only way to avoid colours being a jokey self congratulatory ceremony is to nominate the people you actually think deserve it - it is near impossible for the Colours Committe to know everyone in the College who does great work so its up to you to change that and bring it to their attention.

I should also point out that everyone involved higher up in the Union who dedicate hours and hours to the Union spend many hours with each other and do end up being friends (you'd be a weirdo if you didn't) and so it is a bit natural that everyone who receives colours are all friends with each other.

Jun 12 2009 10:17

And yes, if you don't think the presidents awards are justified, go blame the Union president and not the rest of us. It's one of her small privileges that she gets to hand out awards to people she thinks deserves it regardless of what everyone else thinks.

Jun 12 2009 10:26

i just started with the president's awards and didn't see the point in continuing with the rest, but the trend is the same.

eugene: actually, i've been on the colours committee (more than once), and while i admire your altruism (and i do think you deserve as many awards as can be given out), sadly that's not the way it works.

blame the union president...if people actually started to bother doing that there wouldn't be an end!

Jun 12 2009 10:27

@ eugene

"It is a pretty thankless task at times" - couldn't agree more

"everyone on the list will have worked well in to the midnight hours or given up many weekends to contribute toward their activity" - couldn't agree less

Jun 12 2009 10:33

i invented colours

Jun 12 2009 10:34

i bet when these guys are sitting in the colours committee they think they're all that - i'd love to fight every single one of these c**ts - and before you say they are elected (by 2% of the student populus), who do they think they are judging people?

Can't wait for these muppets to get out into the real world

Jun 12 2009 11:03

The whole point of Presidents awards is that they are completely discretionary - it is about the only thing the Union President has 100% power over as they don't have to be awarded by Colour Committee/Council. It is not intended to be a democratic exercise. Stop being so bitter.

Jun 12 2009 11:11

@ to point out

who's bitter? just pointing out that it's a load of tosh. or is somebody getting a bit agitated?

11. Dan   
Jun 12 2009 13:24

Your opinion on felix is your opinion, that's fine. But Jov got his award for, as quite clearly iterated, his work on the College Archives.

So, stop being a f*cking moron.

Jun 12 2009 14:56

@ Dan

good point, now why do you have to act like such a dickhead? oh right, you realised you were sucking everyone in the colour committee's c**k but still didn't get an award. guess performance pay wouldn't be your thing now would it

Jun 12 2009 16:05

On a slightly funnier note why is there some discrepency between the Colours awards ratified by Council and the colours displayed on here?

14. Dan   
Jun 12 2009 17:39

Nope, it's because I'm tired of people at this College who just can't even bare to put their hands together to congratulate people who may have done something beneficial for your Union. Unlike your unconstructive bitching here, which definitely isn't.

Jun 12 2009 20:07

Clean Hands, please could you point out where the "discrepency" is? I thought that these were copy and pasted direct from the Council paper, but may be wrong and will ensure that corrections are made if/where appropriate.

The only change I know of since Council was that Alex McKee was awarded a Presidents award. This was a change made between Council and the Colours ceremony, but the President's Awards aren't ratified by Council at all so it's irrelevant.

Jun 13 2009 02:05

mmm Dvid Charles... nice but dim

17. This post has been deleted.
Jun 13 2009 03:05
Jun 13 2009 15:10

There are 20 full colours awarded on the Council paper and 18 here

19. Editor   
Jun 13 2009 23:06

I count twenty now.

Writer has been taken out and shot.

Jun 16 2009 06:55

i think that, in general, sabbs are deluded as to their own worth. nibbling at the power tit (albeit at university!) has made them feel as if they are self-declared masters of the universe. unfortunately, upon entering the workforce, reality bites. how many sabbs do you know that work for top-tier corporations or are publishing high-profile papers at strong academic institutions? i've been here quite a while, and i can't name one! in fact, speaking of academics, how many of them landed in the top 10 of their year, it happens to be a good indicator for the future...

Jun 16 2009 10:17

I think that, in general, Lord Jonathan is deluded as to his own worth, or has a very large chip on his shoulder.

Why is the only measure of success working for a top-tier corporation or publishing high-profile papers? I know several of the people in my year who were in the top 10, and they went off to jobs they enjoyed, rather than chasing the money. Some did go to banks, but certainly not all.

Once you've got a high enough salary to live comfortably and do what you want to (which may include raising a family), why should earning s**t loads of extra cash somehow make you more successful?

Jun 16 2009 14:14

@ engineer

not quite sure what you're talking about, but sounds like you didn't get very good marks, didn't get offered any decent jobs, and are trying to find a way to claim that handing out cheeseburgers at mcdonald's is some form of success

Jun 16 2009 14:18

Sounds like engineer is talking about engineers who decided they would feel more fulfilled by actually working in engineering rather than finance.

Jun 16 2009 15:11

@ whoever

i think you're on the wrong page mate. i never mentioned finance or high-paying jobs, mr. engineer brought it up himself. top corporations was an umbrella term for anything, from companies that manufacture planes or turbines to software development houses, architecture joints or banks.

i think it's pretty obvious who's got the chip on their shoulder!

Jun 16 2009 15:15

@ engineer

i'm not quite sure what university you went to, but the top few people in my year (at imperial) in most subjects that i'm aware of either did good phds (the resounding majority of the top of the year i might add), or worked in these "top corporations". it helps to know who the top of your year is before placing them in boxes and talking about how they "went off to jobs they enjoyed". they most likely did do that, just not what you're thinking.

also, i think you'll see there generally is a pretty high correlation between success and ambition.

Jun 16 2009 16:31

what makes you think engineer was not top of their year and did not get a 'good phd'. you are very narrow minded.

what is your definition of 'success' because 'ambition' can vary greatly between different people? just because someone has different ambitions to you (i.e. not wanting to be shallow, bitter, friendless or dislikable) does not mean that they have not been succesful in their own way.

Jun 16 2009 19:26

Lord Jonathan,

I would very much like to know what you do. In fact I want you to post a long and detailed article about how awesome your job is and how much better you are than all the rest of us.

From these posts you sound like a really smart up and coming man with all to live for. So please enlighten us plebians with information as to why you rock so much, lets face it you've been aching for an excuse to do this since your first post.

Thank you kindly

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