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Snippets - 11/06/2009

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Jun 12 2009 10:13

A totally Sabb ego-boosting non-column: Disappearing Act; Reduce, Reuse, Residences; Strictly No Dancing; Mad Dogs and Englishmen

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Jun 12 2009 11:24

So did you make breakfast?

Jun 12 2009 19:58

Yes thanks, it was lovely.

Jun 13 2009 14:05

I wish I could use the SCR...

Jun 13 2009 23:03

Anyone can for breakfast!

Jun 13 2009 23:45

Why is the felix always just printing articles from Live on important student issues, not investigating or reporting itself, no offence to live but we paid a felix editior to edit not copy!!!!!

Jun 14 2009 00:22

Editing does mean overlooking other people's articles though. not writing them yourself. And I can't say we are complaining here at Live!. In fact, we are very grateful!

Jun 14 2009 22:28

Does the SCR do dinners?

Jun 15 2009 13:08

Yes, I think they do. I don't think they're for students though. Tend to be salads and whatnot so definitely not aimed at students!

Jun 15 2009 18:29

I like salads. Does that make me an atypical student?

Jun 15 2009 18:44

I like salad fingers. Does that make me atypical ?

Jun 16 2009 01:11

@10: Burnt Face Man is better, IMHO.

Jun 17 2009 01:02

Jerry Jackson FTW!! OMG LOZORDS!!!!1

13. jeremy   
Jun 17 2009 01:29

u r all f**kin tardsQ"1!!!"?E

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