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Concerning League Tables: Hannah Theodorou

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In the last of a series of interviews, Live! speaks to Union Deputy President, Hannah Theodorou, to get the students' side of the University League tables.

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Jun 14 2009 12:33

University is about independent learning. This isn't school anymore, you aren't going to get spoonfed the answers every week. Yes, that's right, you actually have to pull your thumb out of your butt and do some work yourselves. Perhaps if you spent time working and less time whinging then you'd get that 1st or 2:1 you so desire.

Jun 14 2009 23:56

Feedback is important to attain the higher grades. My experience in my department was that we got no feedback until it was useless, right up until the final projects. So we'd do a one-off massive piece of coursework, and then we'd be told how we could improve on it, about a month after this knowledge would have been of any help.

Jun 14 2009 23:57

Also, did Live look at which Departments are underperforming? Would be interested to see.

Jun 15 2009 09:25

Independent learning is important at university, but at the same time teaching is a large part of it. We are not taking english or history here, we cannot be told to go away and read half a dozen books and write an essay on something. If you could gain a degree in engineering through independent learning, what is the point of going to university?

Jun 15 2009 10:38

We'll be covering it this week. Watch this space.

Jun 15 2009 12:26

I don't think it should be teaching so much as guiding. You can learn this stuff from books but you need someone to tell you what books you need as well as having someone to go to when you are stuck. The best lectures would just make you aware of a subject allowing you to focus on the bits you find interesting.

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