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SEQ Project Pre-application Consultation

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Jun 14 2009 20:40

College hosted an event where local people could voice their opinions and ask questions from the architects of Imperial's newest building project. Live! decided to get in on the action.

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Jun 15 2009 14:19

When's this gonna be done?

Jun 15 2009 15:38

Reckon they should have held the consultation on either the fourth or fifth floor of the library:

3. Milli   
Jun 15 2009 16:13

I click and I am not led to an enlarged image

4. :-(   
Jun 15 2009 17:03

404 on larger images

Jun 15 2009 17:08

I really like the design of the new building, and in fact all the new buildings at IC. Surely Imperial should look modern, isn't it supposed to be researching modern/cutting-edge fields in science and technology?

Leave the historical style to Oxbridge I say!

Jun 16 2009 07:53

So when are they going to knock down my lab (south wing of mech eng)? I've heard anything from 9 months ago to no one knows.

Jun 16 2009 08:03

Found it - my lab goes sometime between 2014 and 2016, and my office goes [|late next year].

Shouldn't affect me, hopefully...

8. chris   
Jun 16 2009 08:59

I agree with the residents, its ugy, and dwarfs tanaka

Jun 16 2009 09:38

Not sure why you are getting 404s. Another job for the gremlin.

Jun 16 2009 09:47

The gremlin told you the answer to that yesterday.

11. Editor   
Jun 16 2009 09:49

Do you want to remind me again on msn? You'll have to open a conversation as this computer is really playing up and I can't open or close anything.

12. Owen   
Jun 16 2009 10:10

I have to disagree with post 5. The new buildings which have been constructed at IC in the last few years do not demonstrate our research in modern/cutting edge fields, they demonstrate the lack of coordination and continity between the projects. The blue cube sits next to the bright pink canopy outsite Bessemer, the Tanaka building with it's tall white steel columns is unlike anything on campus and the new entrance to the library just looks as though it's a last minute afterthought. If one walks around college, looking at the buildings you cannot tell me that there has been any effort to create continuity between the new developments or even to make them attractive or impressive to visitors. I've never been a fan of the 'Steel & Glass' architecture anyway but I fully associate with the views of many residents that new buildings in the South Ken area should be in keeping with the existing architecture and not brash, bold, modern structures such as that being proposed.

Jun 16 2009 11:00

I've no problems with modern architecture but all the recent buildings at Imperial (SAFB, Cube, Tanaka - Princes Gardens is a series of cod-Victorian pastiches so not really architecture) have been preety insipid and uninspiring. The College has gone for Foster on the cheap and it shows.

At least the SEQ looks interesting. It may echo Huxley a bit much but that aside it's good.

Jun 16 2009 23:24

1) Huxley is horrible.

2) @ Owen: I think that each department having an entirely different looking building gives each department a bit of character within the college...

Jun 19 2009 00:44

ETHOS is a perfect example of a modern building that fits in well with its environment. Southside and Eastside aren't too bad either.

Prince Consort Road is beautiful, RSM, Albert Mansions, Albert Hall, RCM, Beit is nicely inkeeping... oh and then you get Physics... which is f**king disgraceful oh and Aero and Chem eng is foul too

Jun 19 2009 00:46

They so won't plant those trees... especially as they are about 100ft tall lol!

17. adrian   
Jul 06 2009 00:31

They are f**king ugly.

Jul 06 2009 23:36

They based the designs on your mothers face

19. Flower   
Mar 11 2010 17:30

Does anyone know why Imperial College withdrew the planning application?

Mar 11 2010 17:44

I recall that the planning application was rejected because Westminster wanted them to consider moving the front of the building back from the street. Is there not another application in progress?

21. Flower   
Mar 12 2010 08:55

Nothing showing up in the planning portal for exhibition road.

Rumour in the office yesterday (from someone's "friend" in Foster and partner) was that college had lost ?millions as a concequence of this. That doesn't seem quite right to me - much too much. I've also heard a rumour that they might not be demolishing the black tower owing to a general lack of cash.

Mar 12 2010 11:25

I'd heard whispers of a lack of funds... Will investigate. :o)

Mar 12 2010 11:31

...If you read reporter. I think they metioned that this was being postponed due to lack of funds a week or two ago.

Mar 12 2010 11:58

Heh. Both me and felix missed that one. Incompetent student press or what?! :o)

26. Editor   
Mar 13 2010 12:48

I've fixed the design images in this article. Although that may have been a little pointless, now the project has been shelved.

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