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Student Suffers from Swine Flu

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Jun 18 2009 20:41

An Imperial College student, from the Department of Civil Engineering, has been diagnosed with the human variant of swine flu.

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Jun 18 2009 21:14

When Kirsty's doctor told her she was a hypochondriac she said "oh no, not that as well!!"...

2. david   
Jun 18 2009 22:27

Does anybody know where the Imperial student could have picked this up, whether it was in college, during travel, etc???

Jun 19 2009 00:49

This is falsehood... what a s**te story... faking stories is not going to win you a guardian award!

What's your source? Imperial would have emailed everyone if there had been a case of swine flu.

Jun 19 2009 02:28

An email went out to CivEng students. College obviously thought that, as the student hadn't been in college, it wasn't worth emailing everyone?

Jun 19 2009 07:54

What, in any sense of the imagination, would have made this a good story to fake? It is a s**te story, as you said, but that is because it is based on very little information from an email sent to Civ Eng Staff and Students from Occupational Health. If I find out anymore I'll update it.

If I was going to fake stories (and trust me, I don't have the time or imagination and there is plenty of other stuff going on not to need to) I would spend more than five minutes writing it and I would ensure it was on something a bit more exciting. 'Someone got ill but they're better now, and we don't think they passed it on to anyone' is hardly sensationalist is it?

6. MMS   
Jun 19 2009 11:09

Just make sure everyone is awere that it's hypochondriasis or hypochondria not hyperchondriasis

Jun 19 2009 11:18

If you're going to try and make witty comments about my spelling then try to make sure you can spell words like 'awere' properly. ;o)

Jun 19 2009 11:39

I heard from someone in the Maths department about someone else...

Jun 19 2009 14:02

utter c**p - as a CivEng student I can confirm that we got the email,so stop being an a**e ;P

Jun 20 2009 00:55

I had swine flu the other day - It was OK, NO BIG DEAL

Jun 20 2009 20:36

You mean swine FEVER boy! *rimshot*

Jun 23 2009 21:42

Dear utter c**p

Check your inbox....

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