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Exhibition Road Project Under Fire

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Jun 19 2009 14:00

The Exhibition Road project has once again come under fire from the disabled, local residents and the French government - just days before an annual festival.

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Jun 19 2009 14:20

Work to be completed in late 2001? Well, this is Britain, things tend to get delayed a little....

Jun 19 2009 15:08

That should have said 2009. I'm having to take out and shoot a lot of my writers at the moment. ;o)

3. ..   
Jun 19 2009 15:41

well it now says 2011 so go for the kneecaps first so they feel it and stop making mistakes.

Jun 19 2009 16:15

Nope. Me that needs kneecapping. 2011 is correct.

Jun 19 2009 17:46

I can understand why people are against this project. Exhibition road does have heavy traffic, and the area around South Kensington station quite congested; more buses being redirected around there will not help. Furthermore, the safety of the large number of school children who are always visiting the museums (particularly in the school holidays) could be at risk. Would they have put forward this project for a road which does not have an underground footpath running beneath it?

And as for the concerns about the air pollution for the french school children, maybe they should stop smoking at the age of 10 instead ;-P

6. pfft   
Jun 20 2009 00:53


F**k you

Jun 20 2009 10:57

Just thought I'd share this little comment from Rogan in Irving, who posted on the "This is London" website...

"...the children will have to breathe in unacceptable levels of traffic fumes from the buses" - so they want some other people to have the fumes instead (clue - bus routes -usually- go where people need to travel so there will be people elsewhere too, it's one of their little indiosyncracies).

Jun 20 2009 11:54

It's a shame no-one with a clear head and shallow pockets suggested that they simply relocate parking provision, retaining a kerb and single carriageway, and widen the pavements to Oxford Street width. Everybody's happy.

Jun 20 2009 19:37

Blind people are a single issue group. That's no reason to ignore their voice though. I'd have thought their views were very salient when it comes to pedestrian safety.

10. @9   
Jun 22 2009 00:20

Precisely. If we're going to ignore anyone, ignore the French.

Jun 22 2009 01:57

We'll do what we like with our cities thank you, France.

12. Flower   
Jun 22 2009 08:06

"...the children will have to breathe in unacceptable levels of traffic fumes from the buses"

Rogan in Irving = Moron

If you don't understand why go and look at a bus exhaust.

Jun 22 2009 08:37

If they're concerned about excessive exhasut fumes then perhaps they should relocate away from the most polluted stretch of road in the UK (corner of Crowell Road and Queen's Gate). A slight relocation of bus routes won't make a whole lot of difference.

The only slightly upsetting thing is if they have removed the sculpture that sat in the midddle of the road. Britain needs more public art - not less.

Jul 10 2009 07:09

The quotation marks are the comment I was responding to - that children (being used as the reason why buses shouldn't be allowed there) there would have to breath exhaust fumes. I merely pointed out that those exhaust fumes are going to be breathed in where ever the buses get re-routed to.

If that's your idea of moronic, then you've got a bit of a problem. Elsewhere it's called logic, or extrapolation.

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