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Fraudsters Prey on Imperial Students

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Jun 26 2009 16:19

Imperial College Students have been victims of fraud by con artists pretending to be minor celebrities in distress.

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Jun 26 2009 16:27

I don't see the incentive of getting into a stranger's car, getting driven to a cash point, and getting YOUR cash out for someone else.


2. Louis   
Jun 26 2009 19:51

Um, wow. Who the hell falls for that?

Jun 26 2009 22:55

Is this April fool?

Jun 26 2009 23:08

I met this guy, it was a bit more than that. He would say he is from London Fashion Week and in exchange he would give you 'designer' outfits. He's been at it for a while now, first time I met him was 2 years ago.

Funny story, a guy I know met him and said he only had 1 pound 30 pence and no card on him so the fraudster took that and gave him an 'emporio' 'leather' jacket in return! Not sure who got conned there ...

Jun 27 2009 22:48

All of a sudden; the argument on departments handing out `poor degrees' swings back in their favour.

6. :-(   
Jun 28 2009 11:38

OMG I fell for this one, I handed him ?500 and he said he'd post me the jacket, but it never arrived.

Jun 28 2009 14:42


Jun 29 2009 14:21


Well, now we all know how to put them out of business.

9. bored   
Jun 30 2009 23:20

Write some new articles! If there is no news, MAKE SOME !

10. Editor   
Jul 04 2009 11:51

If you hadn't noticed - it's the end of term. While we still keep Live! up to date there is inevitably less stuff going on. Having said that, there are plenty of articles to come just the editors are finding time to write them a bit of an issue. If you're really bored I can send you some transcripts from an interview with Derren Brown which I am only half way through writing. That should sort out both your boredom problem and the lack of articles.

11. Seb   
Jul 10 2009 18:02

See Speakers Van Man in the archives...

12. yep   
Jul 11 2009 21:39

I bought some of those speakers from Speakers Van Man 4 years ago...they still work too !

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