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No Loans, No Fees

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Jul 10 2009 11:10

The Government is considering a scheme under which University students will not be charged tuition fees, in return for receiving no financial aid at all.

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1. Hmm.   
Jul 10 2009 14:57

So effectively taking up a "free" government student loan would cost you upwards of ?9,675 in non-waived fees: won't this push students into pursuing other loans, ending up in more undesirable forms of debt instead?

Also, won't this mean all the very richest students paying no fees at all? While those who already can't afford their own living costs unsupported are the ones who have to pay massive tuition fees on top of that. How is that the policy of a socialist government?

2. tron   
Jul 14 2009 11:49

It's a thoroughly baffling concept, it's going to make it significantly harder for students who can't get their parents to pay for accomodation and food to reach top universities forcing lower-income students to local universities. (which depending where you live, are normally terrible thinking of luton as my closest here =/) and if you do go to a local uni and live at home you miss out on the massive developemental stage of living away from home.

Why doesn't the government just extend sixth form? Which is all this seems to be.

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