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UCL Fresher Dies at UCLU Event

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Sep 29 2009 00:40

University College London has suspended a freshers event, following the death of a student thought to have had a heart attack.

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Sep 29 2009 11:12

There's no reason to assume it was suspected alcohol poisoning. The UCL statement makes no reference to this, and the TSR thread is hardly reputable.

Perhaps Live! should consider the ramifications of such a claim before making it? Condolences to his family and friends.

Sep 29 2009 12:13

I'm sure Live! does have other sources than the UCL statement and TSR thread. After all, the Live! article didn't initially refer to either of them.

Sep 29 2009 13:06

Interesting, then, that the article has been updated...

Sep 29 2009 14:03

more interesting, that it was updated without saying what and when. bad journalism...

Sep 29 2009 20:27

drug OD more likely than alcohol poisoning surely?

Sep 30 2009 02:11

I don't find the bad journalism interesting. And trust me, it wasn't anything to do with drink or drugs. I know.

Oct 01 2009 09:34

Why are you all f**king hacks... you sad sick f**kers! Grow up and get a life... stop being hacks... just be sad that someone has died. BECOME NORMAL PEOPLE!

Dec 11 2009 12:12

The inquest has just reported a verdit of death by natural causes.

"Cardiac experts said the heavy bass from the club?s loudspeakers could have triggered sudden arrhythmic death syndrome (SADS) which kills 12 young people a [u]week[/u]."

"toxicology tests had found no traces of drugs or alcohol in his blood".

?He had a brilliant life ahead of him. We were, and we remain, tremendously proud of our precious son.?

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