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De Montford Demolished

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Sep 17 2001 21:59

Hayes, Rao, Fidgett and Kilford brushed the opposition aside in tonight's University Challenge.

Sep 18 2001 09:34

NO!!! They're not letting LLOYD KILFORD represent us on TELEVISION!!!


2. Sam   
Sep 18 2001 18:38

did you not know???

he passed the selection process...and he is an Imperial Student...

Sep 19 2001 17:17

What exactly were the selection criteria?

Anyway, Andy, it won't be long before we see you on a soapbox selling distinctly dodgy politics to the nation so things can only look worse for our image.

Personally, I am thinking about lying on my CV anyway. If I hear another damn Sykes jokes from the industry I am going to go mad!

4. kevin   
Sep 19 2001 20:35

The assessment process involves sending in photos and talking infront of camera to ensure that participants are 'telegenic'

Sep 20 2001 00:04

Was I the only one who felt the need to don sunglasses due to Sunil's excessively white teeth?

Sep 21 2001 16:43

My politics are not dodgy. They will bring about a common sense revolution.

OK, so I made myself laugh there.

But now IDS is our leader! So things can only get bitter...

7. Steve   
Dec 14 2001 13:27

Can we keep this on-topic please Andy? We're supposed dissing Lloyd, not hailing the inevitable Heeps-led renaissance of the far right.

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