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Imperial College Ranked 5th in the World

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Oct 08 2009 01:23

Imperial College has been ranked at fifth in The THE's World Rankings, released tonight, but is beaten by UCL.

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Oct 08 2009 09:25

Above MIT, really?

Below UCL, really?

I mean really?

Oct 08 2009 09:27

How can 11 insitutions be within the top 10 in the world? That doesn't make sense to me. Surely "hicago university" (wherever that is) should be 7th?

Oct 08 2009 09:36

My bad. It was late.

Oct 08 2009 10:18

So UCL is better than both Oxford and Imperial? And Imperial and Oxford as good as each other?

5. ND   
Oct 08 2009 13:44

It's Times Higher Education, which has had nothing to do with the Times for some years now.

Oct 08 2009 14:00

Good point, ND. I'll change that. I was going to put Times' Higher Education, but it made the blurb too long. I'll stick with THE. Thanks for the feedback.

Oct 08 2009 14:49

"there is no mistaking the alarm bell warning that our success is at risk if we as a nation don't take action to fight off such fierce competition"

And what might this 'fierce competition' be? Other articles on this story include a reference to the rise of east asian institutions within the top 100, which is what this person is refering to in the quote, but this article makes no mention of it.

8. Blah   
Oct 08 2009 15:25

5= 6 Imperial College London UK 100 100 100 80 98 100 97.8

5= 4 University of Oxford UK 100 100 100 80 96 97 97.8

Imperial have beaten Oxford on every criteria so why do they have the same score? Strange calculation criteria they have here.

9. Ehhhh   
Oct 08 2009 16:38

I read this on the 6th:

The Oxford overall score has been bumped up and ranking amended to 5=. Very wierd.

10. Editor   
Oct 09 2009 15:12

Sorry about the errors that Live! was experiencing this morning. Unfortunately, we just had far too much news!

We're working on a long-term solution to this problem.

Oct 12 2009 10:12

Long term solution=new editor! =P

Oct 13 2009 09:23

At the end of the day, all this does is destroy the credibility of this particular method of ranking. Who would trust a source that actually tries to assert that UCL even ranks in the top 10 worldwide???

I know rankings can be this and that depending on the methodology, but honestly, this is a joke!

Oct 13 2009 09:52

Maybe if 11 left a name we could nominate you as new editor. But as it stands we can't because you are a cowardly, good for nothing, creep who just likes to criticise other people from the safety of anonymity. Maybe because if we knew who you were you would have faults to many to list.

Technical problems are not Lawrence's fault. He is writing Live! articles entirely by himself at the moment. If you want to whinge about a lack of news then you can do so after you have written more than 50 articles.

Oct 13 2009 14:32

Wow. Kirsty, chill!

Oct 13 2009 18:16

calm down

Oct 15 2009 10:48

Calm the f**k down woman. It was a joke. HENCE I PUT A STICK OUT TONGUE SMILEY AT THE END.

I don't think Lawrence is doing a bad job at all. In fact I kinda like the guy.

Why dont you stop spending your time moaning and get laid. Then maybe you'll chill out a bit!

Oct 15 2009 14:46

i'd do kirsty

Oct 15 2009 14:53

I say no to ATHULYA

Oct 15 2009 14:57

that's not what your mum said last night

20. Dan   
Oct 15 2009 22:54


21. Wan   
Oct 16 2009 15:55


22. JESSE   
Oct 16 2009 15:55

you people really shouldn't be so rude to me

23. PIOTR   
Oct 21 2009 11:28

if anybody is looking for "the art of seduction" and similar audiobooks, please contact me!

Oct 22 2009 02:26

If anything is a dead giveaway that 18 wasn't me then it would be the fact I know how to use capital letters.

Unfortunately though I'd still have to say no, sorry!

And if anyone should calm down it is people taking the rip out of the Editor. (Although admittedly some news would be nice!)

Oct 22 2009 09:25

It's ok, Felix is out tomorrow. We'll get the news then!!

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