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ICU changes for the better?

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Sep 19 2001 20:25

For the first time in living memory ICU has updated it's website.

Sep 19 2001 23:20

The ICU homepage does not compete with Live. Live does not compete with the ICU front page. We see opportunities for synergies between Live, the ICU front page and other union webpages.

2. Sam   
Sep 19 2001 23:25

Does not compete yet...

will compete in the future...?

Seriously though, it's great that things are changing, most times they are changing for the better. Guilds is changing, ICU is changing, and god forbid, maybe even Imperial College is changing too. What was it the man (for it is he) said? Education, Education, Education. A change of perspective all round would be good.

Who knows what the future will bring... maybe it might even bring me a job, all parcelled in sparkly wrapping paper... bah! i think i'm hoping for too much here.

Sep 19 2001 23:55

"For the first time in living memory"

Is our friend Mr Heeps no longer classed as living?

Sep 20 2001 00:35

Well, i was obviously generalising of course... and i haven't had the (mis)fortune to be at IC for as long as the venerable Mr Heaps (for it is he)...

Sep 20 2001 10:27

"For the first time in living memory ICU has updated it's website."

Does January 2001 not count? Or September 2001? Hint to contributors: hyperbole and unsubtantiated rumour is fun to read for a while, but it soon gets rather tedious. Bah, you're all as bad as each other, moan, grumble, sniff...

"On the web front, look out for more advances to the current site as Etienne Pollard (the former DPFS and noted web guru/geek) has promised dynamic and interesting features which will be added to the ICU site soon. Maybe Live! will soon have a new rival?"

Actually, it's more a case of taking the Live codebase and applying it to a wider collection of uses and users. More info on this when I've moved into the new flat, sorted out the net connection working and got down to some proper coding...

Sep 20 2001 11:16

I prefer 'synergies'. Then we can all pretend we're management consultants :-).

Sep 21 2001 00:10

HAHA, net connection at that flat? what makes you think Iain won't be flooding it with mp3s?

Sep 21 2001 11:15

Net connection - iptables are your friend... been looking at smoothwall, btw. how's it working for you?

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