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Competition: Name the Sport Imperial Mascots

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Mar 19 2010 14:00

We want you to come up with suggestions for names for the new Sport Imperial mascots. If your suggestion is deemed the best, you'll win a £15 Amazon voucher!

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1. This post has been deleted.
Mar 19 2010 16:35
Mar 21 2010 10:28

'Vicky and Bert' seems like a good starting point. Or 'Icy and Elle'

Mar 21 2010 13:55

Martin - email them in!

Mar 21 2010 21:10

I think we've already discovered that Imperial students are c**p at thinking of decent names for things...

5. cynic   
Mar 22 2010 11:44

How about calling the male one Reggie, oh, hang on, that's taken...

Why, oh why did they get Lions, it's King's that have a lion as a mascot!

Mar 22 2010 12:19

Victoria, you included yes? get the off your high horse.

7. yay!   
Mar 22 2010 13:44

"DPCS Jenny Wilson said that the mascots were used at the BUCS championships and that as soon as they appeared at the fencing tournament the children watching began cheering for Imperial immediately."

We made children happy and it only cost ?10,000! Yay!

Mar 22 2010 16:13

In all fairness, Sport Imperial is performing quite strongly and has generated quite a lot of income for itself...

9. so.   
Mar 22 2010 16:50

write a fair article, not a white-washed, 'government approved' article.

Mar 22 2010 17:35

This doesn't mean I've given up trying to find out how much was spent on the mascots... ;o)

11. lol   
Mar 22 2010 18:08

this is getting really boring, IT'S 10,000! abouts

Mar 22 2010 18:14

Who goes inside them?

13. Oh!   
Mar 22 2010 22:52

How about "Olympics" and "ID Cards" after the great government money-wasters of our time.

Failing that "C**to" and "Bawbag".

14. why   
Mar 23 2010 12:14

I believe they were 500 quid each and, Lawrence, you are quite right in saying that Sport Imperial creates a decent income for itself. They also generally spend far less than planned in their budget. The problem is that none of this excess money goes back to the IC sports clubs. They rather spend it on these "mascots" ... oh dear ...

Mar 25 2010 15:20

Metric and Library. Done.

16. @15   
Mar 26 2010 00:29

lol. just lol.

Mar 23 2012 19:43

sports event name Name - "ARENA"

18. Hi   
Nov 28 2013 08:51

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