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We Don't Need No Education

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Apr 16 2010 14:55

DPE-elect, Meera Ganeshadevan, has resigned months before starting the Sabbatical role to take up an internship, forcing a new election.

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Apr 16 2010 14:58

As you've all noticed, I've been a bit slow with this story. Still, we're the first news outlet to write an article about it. ;o)

As guessed in the other discussion, I've been plagued with revision, etc.

2. Maybe   
Apr 16 2010 15:34

We should get rid of the role and have a, hold on to your chairs, a DPEW?!?!?!?!

With an extra ?20,000 a year maybe we wouldn't have to cut clubs

Apr 16 2010 16:10 should find out what the DPE and DPW actually accomplish now?

4. Hmm.   
Apr 16 2010 16:16

Didn't the money for the separate roles come from the money that used to be spent on ULU? As when ICU left, it lost the representation and campaigns they used to get from ULU so were able to keep some of that part of the subvention for extra in-house E&W. It's not money that was ever for clubs.

Apr 16 2010 16:16

confirms what everyone already knows - people only run for sabb positions because they think it looks good on their cv...

6. Hmmm.   
Apr 16 2010 16:52

"it's not money that was ever for clubs."

it COULD be...

and no it came from the NUS disaffliation, or at least that's what we were told

Apr 16 2010 17:08

The money spent on the extra Sabb is a good investment. This year it has put in the groundwork to revolutionise our representation system and give students some comeback to departments like Civ Eng who believe they're above reproach from the students and College itself. Yes, DPEW could've done this, but it would've taken at least three times as long.

Clubs & Societies are crucial and a massive asset to Imperial but if the Union can't carry out the important function of representing us to college and caring after the well being of the students, then it's not serving it's core function.

Just my tuppence...

Apr 16 2010 18:10


9. @5   
Apr 17 2010 11:13

"confirms what everyone already knows - people only run for sabb positions because they think it looks good on their cv..."

lol i hope that was sarcasm!

Apr 17 2010 16:13

This is silly; annoys me that being a Sabb is a backup plan to even something as lame as a financial internship.

Why would you run for a sabb position and not even disclose that you won't take it if something supposedly better comes along? This is annoying.

11. ..   
Apr 18 2010 16:41

You don't disclose it cos it's obvious, the internship pays better and gives the potential for a better future considering both jobs are exciting and interesting

Apr 18 2010 19:49

this website is SOOO s**t. my unviersity is in bali and has a bettar news website.! who is the the editor of this shambles, you are imperial college london, youre meant to be best uni in the world. i came here for exchange program, and this live! thing is S**T. s**t. s**t. hahahaa/ whoever the editr of this website is a joke.

Apr 18 2010 20:47

we're all nice and stuff and we don't make jokes about you or like show your image or anything, but if you're going to start acting up then we're going to have to start drawing cartoons of you.

right Lawrence?

yeh lawrence is with me.

watch it mo

14. This post has been deleted.
Apr 19 2010 16:40
Apr 19 2010 20:34

Thank you for your comment. As students of Imperial College, we will like to visit your Bali university's news website, in order gain some idea into how we could maintain our website, so can you kindly post the url. Once again apologies for letting you down. Thank You again.

May 12 2010 17:36

Has anyone entertained the idea that Mohammed is not an actual person and that email is fake? Exactly. Mohammed IF you are a real person, people tend to react more positively to positive criticism. You might try it one day. Your name gets enough bad press as it is.

17. @16   
May 12 2010 18:13

Get a grip of real life. It's clearly fake as is the reply to it

May 20 2010 03:19

wow live, way to suck on election coverage!!!

May 20 2010 15:37

Yeah, I know. Exams and a group project and also moving house... Sorry. I'll get the manifestos up shortly.

20. .    
May 20 2010 18:44

Covering hustings tonight at least?

May 25 2010 01:23

Good job lawrence.. doing a real good job.

May 25 2010 21:16

leave the guy alone, it's exam time for goodness sake

Jun 02 2010 18:22

I think we can give up on the manifestos now...

Not to worry, term will be over soon and that'll be an acceptable reason not to have any new articles ;)

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