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IC Maths Requirements "Highest in UK"

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Nov 17 2010 14:53

The minimum entry requirements for a place in the Maths department at Imperial College London are the highest in the UK, Live! has learned.

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Nov 17 2010 21:57

If this doesn't reduce the number of UK students taken in (It probably won't) then it is an easy way to get another few magic points on the super-cool league tables.

And there is no nobler cause than adding magic points to pointless tables if you are a mathematician.

Nov 18 2010 12:22

Ah! That explains the comparatively low number of 1st and 2.1s, right?

Jan 14 2011 18:44

Cambridge is actually much harder in terms of entrance requirements due to STEP....

Jan 20 2011 22:56

This article is absolutely rubbish, and saying that the entry requirements at Imperial College are the 'highest in UK' is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever read. As Rupert said, STEP is so much harder than A level that it isn't even comparable, and achieving a 1 in STEP II and 1 in STEP III, or occasionally higher, as required for admission for maths at Cambridge, makes achieving an extra A* at A level almost insignificant.

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