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No Signs of Life (Sciences)

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Dec 07 2010 10:04

Students and staff are set to hit back at savage cuts in the Life Sciences department, which will see 17 top academics made redundant, PhD students left without research groups and an array of modules cut from multiple degrees.

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Dec 07 2010 20:13

In just 10 hours the petition has gone from 875 signatures to 1,022!! Not bad at all. :o)

Dec 07 2010 21:49

Is it entirely unreasonable to ask for Live! to pay even lip-service to the idea of balanced journalism?

Dec 08 2010 00:10

Imperial College Union has been very helpful during the process of writing this article. The department is yet to comment. They have our email address, if they wish to put their side of the argument across.

Alternatively, if you support the cuts, I'd happily publish a comment piece from yourself explaining why that is the case. Thanks.

Dec 08 2010 06:16

Yes it's extremely obvious that Imperial College London has helped you write this piece.

That's not how it works I'm afraid, how do you know that anyone from the Life Sciences department even knows that this article exists? It is your responsibility as a journalist to actively seek their side of the argument.

Finally, the cuts do not stem from the 5% cut given to all departments. They stem from the removal of a so called flexibility fund. I imagine that if you had contacted the College or the department they would have been able to tell you that.

5. @2,4   
Dec 08 2010 09:46

"Is it entirely unreasonable to ask for Live! to pay even lip-service to the idea of balanced journalism?"

No, in fact it is perfectly reasonable to suggest that more effort is put into journalism at Live! But the brilliant thing is, you can be that extra effort!

Why not start today, I'm sure there are hundreds of stories you could give your expert touch to.

Or you could just sit in comments whining like a wet dick in winter.

Dec 08 2010 09:57

@5 Rubbish. The author of an article has a responsibility to ensure that their article presents a story in a balanced manner. I could write a hundred articles for Live! but this article would still be terrible.

Dec 08 2010 10:15

How do you know that I haven't approached the department?

I've honestly given up waiting for people to give me statements for articles. If I telephone people they ask me to put it in an email. If I email people they don't get back to me for days. I had an article "ready to go" about Justice Week four days before Felix published one. It took three days for College and ICU to get back to me. It took eight days for ISoc to get back to me.

Imperial College Union isn't entirely blameless. One member of staff often ribs me for publishing inaccurate articles, but I regret waiting three days for that member of staff to "provide a statement" about Metric's opening being delayed, only for it to be posted on the ICU website three days later (and before a Live! article was written).

The same can be said about many other stories that I have had, then been unable to publish because people have dragged their feet for so long. I can think of at least two more that have gone unpublished in the last month because those involved kept putting off providing statements.

Nope, I've gone back to Live!'s old method of publishing what we know in the hopes that it'll coax information out of people more quickly.

Had I waited for the department to get back to me then the meeting and protest mentioned in the article would have passed. Yes, I could have chased harder... however in the next 10 days I have two exams, a group project due in, a business studies presentation to give and two job interviews. So I didn't chase...

As an anonymous commenter on Live! once said: "If you can't accept that an advantage of being online is that you can publish what you know, then update it with more information later, why read live at all?"

Dec 08 2010 11:34

The article doesn't put across the departments side of the argument. However, it seems unlikely that even if they asked they would get any more information, as PhD students and other in the affected devision still haven't been given a proper explanation, despite being directly involved.

Dec 08 2010 11:44

We'll hopefully have some answers after today's meeting.

10. ...   
Dec 08 2010 11:59

Let's be clear - this is bad decision... let's fight back not fight

Dec 09 2010 00:33

@2,4,6 - Well done pillock, you managed to take an important article and turn it into a slag about Live! Clearly you're not a life sciences student otherwise you'd have something a bit more productive to say. So why don't you go back to that hole from which you crawled out of, shut up and let the grown ups deal with the important situations with you out of the way.

And FYI, given the way the meeting went today, I doubt you could get much truth out of it all anyway even if Lawrence had been sent an email to produce a so called "unbiased article". They were squirming out of every question like perfect politicians.

I'm appalled that they can do this. It's quite obvious that teaching is not important to them at all. If you asked for a list of suggestions of some of the best Biology and Biochemistry teachers, the list of those facing redundancy is pretty much the one you'd get.

And yet Ian Owens claimed teaching isn't going to be affected? I think he's been spending too much time with the Bluetits!

Dec 13 2010 01:59

I've made a Freedom of Information request for some of the missing information:

I think one of the many underlying problems here might be a mismatch occurring over time between the department's research and teaching so ICU's call for the proposals to be put on-hold pending a teaching review appears sensible to me.

I've written an article on my views:

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