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The Strike That Never Was

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Oct 12 2001 20:14

Everyone claims to be doing something about the trains. Everyone claims to be doing something about the tunnels. Isn’t it time someone starting doing something about the drivers?

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Oct 12 2001 23:25

The Jubilee line trains were originally designed to be driver-less I think. But, guess what - the unions forced them to be manned (or womanned?) trains. Maybe it's time to look into driver-less trains again. If a "monkey" can drive it, the computer can.

Failing that, lets set up a TubeSoc to provide reserve drivers...

(note - any paragraphs ending with ... tend to be my mad ramblings. Only the most extreme or nutty people should ever try and take them seriously).

Oct 14 2001 23:06

I was in KL (Malaysia) and Singapore over the Summer and was amazed by the efficiency of the subway systems out there. A lot of the metro trains were driver-less in KL and they always seemed to run on time. Plus the metro's a lot cheaper and cleaner than in London. I suppose it all comes down to the fact that our system is prehistoric and there's just too much that needs updating to bring it up to scratch.

How about a London monorail - I really think that could work...

Oct 16 2001 13:41

Fine, fine, whatever. But where is Andy Heeps?????

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