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How to build a Mind

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Oct 16 2001 13:30

TV celebrity and celebrated professor of Artificial Intelligence to be guest speaker at C&G Freshers' Dinner.

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Oct 16 2001 23:19

Yes, do buy your tickets if you haven't already done so! The deadline for doing so is THIS Friday (the 19th).

Look forward to seeing you there!!

2. eddie   
Oct 16 2001 23:27

is it me or are some of the threads getting a bit wierd? they seem to be dropping entries...

Oct 26 2001 15:47

Hmmm... he was a better than I expected. I still can't get over a Professor coming up with that "onion cutter" joke...

Oct 26 2001 22:27

I was looking forward to hearing what he had to say, unfortunately due to the large amounts of talking in the room and the PA not being very loud, I could hardly hear any of it.

Oct 26 2001 22:41

sounds oddly like many lectures....

Oct 27 2001 19:49

Beef up the PA for next year! At any dinner where wine is laid-on throughout the meal,

I think that you can expect a slightly boisterous crowd to say the least.

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