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Union to be reshaped

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Oct 30 2001 17:04

CCU presidents have negotiated a new framework for the constituent structure of Imperial College Union.

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Oct 30 2001 20:33

Fan-fucking-tastic. One of the eight Councils of the year, and there's NO accountability from the Executive Committee, and instead we go back onto the Common Constitutional Paperchase.

Oct 30 2001 22:49


1. Andy, I think Simon is talking about C&GCU Exec and Council.

2. I'm not sure I like the wording of the article. The CCU Presidents have simply settled on a framework which we believe acts as a good basis for further discussion. We can't simply "agree" a new structure between ourselves.

Oct 31 2001 07:14

You're not suggesting that 'this now needs to be reviewed by all concerned', are you? <shock> that would be what the article says then, wouldn't it...

Lots of different groups of people are going to be coming up with their ideas. The CCU presidents have agreed a set of ideas between them. Those ideas will be presented to C&G Council on Thursday. This is hardly the end of the debate.

Oct 31 2001 08:45

Personally I think the lack of reporting by the C&G exec is a bit...dodgy...constitutionally. On the other hand our last Council meeting was only a couple of weeks ago so most people seem to think that there isn't much to report.

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