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No Bo' at Show

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Nov 02 2001 20:21

Motor Club and Pageantmaster dash hopes of Bo' attending Lord Mayor's Show.

Nov 02 2001 20:27

I share your sense of disappointment, but given that it is a 99 year old car, I think the volunteers who spend hours maintaining it do an amazing job.

Nov 02 2001 21:00

Can't they pull Bo' round, then start it up if there was an emergency? How fast can they get it going? Or just make sure one of the other CCU vehicles is available to tow it *immediately*... It would be a shame not to have it in the show.

3. Dan L   
Nov 02 2001 21:00

You have to understand that BO, like other old objects needs to be looked after a great deal. He was not designed for the extremely slow speed that is found in the Lord Mayor's Show. As for the comment: "I have heard that the Rector may have to travel on the back of Bo? to Brighton alone as there wouldn?t be enough power to carry someone to provide him with some company", this is far from the truth. BO is running very well after his complete engine and gearbox rebuild. Brighton here we come!

Nov 02 2001 23:15

Good luck on the London-Brighton. I can't get to Brighton but I hope to be in London for the Lord Mayor's Show.

If we want something 99 years old, I'm sure some of the lecturers could be tied to the float... some of them must've been knocking around that long :D.

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