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C&GCU Launches New Site

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Nov 05 2001 17:38

The City & Guilds College Union launches a new set of web pages about the Union.

1. Sam   
Nov 05 2001 18:08

It must be a good site...

all the best sites in the world have a big picture of me on them.

Nov 05 2001 20:48

Now we can finally see the extent of the ISE mafia in CGCU. 4/5 Exec Officers!

Nov 05 2001 22:46

But 0/5 of the other listed officers (and the 2 ordinary members are both non-ISE)...

4. Sam   
Nov 06 2001 10:54

in a fight, i'd pick one Barry vs 4 ISE students :o)

yay! Celebrity Deathmatch with CGCU Exec!!!

anyway, the non-ISE officers outnumber the number of ISE officers on Exec - so i doubt there will be any kind of coup.

On a related note - this just goes to show how much free time ISE students have ... maybe they should be doing a real course like EE

5. Lorne   
Nov 06 2001 11:13

ICSM have had this for ages, well done on catching up...

6. Sam   
Nov 07 2001 16:53

ICSM have celebrity deathmatch?

who won the McEwan vs. Heeps round then?

7. stef   
Nov 09 2001 17:14

2 hell with the McKeown. Heeps match, who had to fight Tashs?:)

Nov 09 2001 17:23

Tasha fought her own ego. Tough match.

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