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ArtSoc (take five)

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Nov 07 2001 09:00

ArtSoc's budget appeal rejected by Council. Again.

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Nov 07 2001 10:16

But it was fun! Not.

Nov 07 2001 13:41

The question is...who's logo is better?

ArtSoc or ICU?

Nov 09 2001 12:42

I suspect that, after a couple more months of squabbling over the structure of ICU, we will be welcoming these pathetic appeals with open arms.

I thought it was particularly amusing that I didn't even have to speak this time to convince people it was baloney! The chair did it all for me pretty much! Haha!

Nov 09 2001 20:38

Are we talking about the Council Chair here? The one person who is supposed to remain fair and impartial at all times?

Is Sam actually capable of doing a job properly?

Nov 09 2001 20:45

Oooohh! Put that hand-bag away, Jason.

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