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40’ Spanner Parades Through City

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Nov 11 2001 17:52

The City & Guilds College Union entry into this year’s Lord Mayor’s Show was a great success.

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Nov 11 2001 20:26

BBC Coverage:

Well, as the float came into view the sound broke up. In fact, the only comment I heard was:

"The City & Guilds Institute sets typing exams" or words to that effect. Idiots...this was from the 4 so-called "experts" on the ground.

I wasn't impressed, but they may have said something relevant when the sound broke up - I don't know.

2. eddie   
Nov 11 2001 22:05

We dont seem to have much luck with the BBC do we? still i presume this year there were actually pictures on the screen and they didnt get pre occupied with beer like last year?

Nov 11 2001 23:05

Ho hum - I actually walked straight past Philippa Forrester who looked as though she wanted to interview someone... but obviously not any of us.

4. Dan L   
Nov 12 2001 00:09

Why doesn't somebody from CGCU write a short letter to the BBC - and get it sorted out for next year!

Nov 12 2001 00:40

First - Thank you to every one who helped me make this year's entry a success, especially Bhavin Radia, Chris Christoforo, James Arnold, Samir Manglani, David Wearing and Amy Yusuf for putting the float together. Thanks go to Oliver Pell, Neil Madhvani and Mustafa Arif for helping me organise the show. Thanks to my Mum and [snip]

About the BBC - The Dean wrote a letter to the BBC. I think we need to invite these "experts" to see us before next years show.

Nov 12 2001 08:41

Hahahahahaha! Typing exams! That's the funniest thing I've ever read in my life!

You're all a bunch of secretaries in the making! Could somebody make my tea? Milk, no sugar. Thank you. Oh, and have those letters typed by 5 o'clock will you?


Nov 12 2001 17:48


Basically, BBC researchers contact us every year for the information we want the commentary team to talk about. This year, as in previous years, they have proven to be complete muppets in communicating this information to the commentators.

Let's face it. Most of the rest of the commentary was probably complete rubbish too. We only noticed this "mistake" because we knew better.

I really don't think its worth getting worked up about.

Nov 12 2001 21:25

Get a sodding great big generator next year and hook up some information screens so the people in London get the right info ... Give a whole new meaning to mobile computing :D...

Nov 12 2001 21:55

I think the spectators got the right message. Our Imperial banners should have provided the correct engineering image.

I think the problem was that we got the "experts on the ground" talking about us. They would not have got the information we gave the BBC. Still - City University did not get a mention by the commentators - they were busy talking about an entry that wasn't even there!

Nov 12 2001 23:06

I have put some video files here. Listen out for the Boomalaka!

11. Dinesh   
Nov 13 2001 13:59

The Boomalaka: last seen on telly in the 60s when during a news report the pub in the background exploded with the chant.

But forget typing exams; Joe Public probably thinks it's an advert for City & Guilds Institute Vocational Singing courses. But I?m sure the producers of PopStars were watching, and on that performance, would be delighted to have us on the show. You know ? as an example of what NOT to enter.

Nov 19 2001 11:17

We all know that BBC commentators are crap, How can you have Terry Wogan as a presenter? Most people have learnt to ignore the crap that they spout out. Still, the close up of the IC Crest and name was quite clear and so was the NatWest Logo on the jugglers. The float was a University float to the ordinary person watching tv and that was probably all.

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