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RCS Pub Crawl for RAG

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Nov 13 2001 14:16

RCS and C&G students complete the "South Ken Ten" for RAG

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Nov 13 2001 14:39

The pub crawl raised a MASSIVE ?264.25

bringing the RCSU RAG total to over ?570 !!!!

Well done to Helen Clubb for organising it.

2. Nick   
Nov 13 2001 17:04

Might we also add that part of the money raised by the C&G participants in this pub crawl go to the RCS RAG fund for the return of C&G mascot Bolt, after successful negotiations between the vice presidents of the 2 unions.

The handover of Bolt is expected next Monday, after which the, currently inviolate, status of Spanner will be reviewed.

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