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Nov 13 2001 15:05

Proposal to move CCU clubs into the CSCs at SAC tonight

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1. Lorne   
Nov 13 2001 15:07

What a load of self pretentious back stabbing bollocks ....

Nov 13 2001 16:13

This is not a news article...

3. ed   
Nov 13 2001 16:20

erm... and coupled with the whole not having two clubs/socities with the same aims/objectives wouldnt this mean that there would be some merging in the future. So of course the clubs/socs wouldnt need to change their names... they would just be merged into the socs/clubc in the csc's.... hmmm...

4. stef   
Nov 13 2001 17:04

this has come up again....but at least DAve Hellard had some flare by bringing it up in anyother business at council years ago...

Nov 13 2001 23:17

On the contrary, this IS news. This is a fundamental issue to the members of our clubs and societies....

Nov 14 2001 17:28

Well, actually:

1. Paper M at mandated the ICU President to present a paper with all options suggested where there is no consensus - so SAC's decision was irrelvant. It would have to be included in the paper for discussion at Council.

2. Did anyone not expect this sort of proposal to be (re)published?

Nov 15 2001 11:37

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Always fun to see how one's legacy pans out.

What wasn't quoted in the Clubs & Socs policy about clubs moving to the appropriate CSC/CCU is that CCUs had a specific exemption, so that Exec or Council would have to approve it.

But apart from such details, I get the impression the Union is still spending quite a lot of debating time on constitutional matters. This would be OK if an equal or larger amount of time was spent on 'are we serving our students well' or 'education' etc. but that doesn't seem to be happening. (I hope that last year my attempts to ensure a good balance were successful). Alternatively CGCU simply aren't writing articles about the non-constitutional stuff.

Oh yes, and the move to rid CCUs of their clubs is a stupid idea.

So there.

Nov 15 2001 12:38

Hamish, I agree with you entirely, but strongly reject the mildly implied slur on my journalists. The Live! team are writing so many constitutional items because that is the only agenda in virutally all ICU committees these days.

I still think you should have abolished a few more committees. Would leave more time to actually do useful thiings...

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