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Lara Heads West

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Nov 19 2001 09:19

RCSU Vice-President offers resignation over EGM debacle.

Nov 19 2001 20:04


the first casualty in the ICU restructuring....

who will be next?

place your bets now!

Nov 19 2001 20:35

hi ho silver:

i removed your discussion item due to the offensive email address. If you wish to make your feelings known, please do so under an acceptable email.

Nov 20 2001 13:32

A couple of points:

1) Lara has not handed me a resignation and therefore has not resigned.

2) The constitutional issues surrounding the EGM were looked into almost as soon as it occurred. Although people did raise objections, these have been resolved.

3) I have never said "B*gger the constitution". Though I do have problems with people constantly arguing about it and not getting anything done.

4) The person who described me as a "F*ckwit" is, coincidentally, the boyfriend of Lara and the writer of this article. I think it's about time Union officers realised they should keep their private lives and their union duties seperate.

Nov 20 2001 13:48

This does all seem to be becomming a distraction.

Nov 20 2001 22:25

This article has been edited following a complaint from Stuart Davis. The decision was made with consultation with Samuel Sharpe, the C&GCU Council Chair.

Nov 21 2001 10:53

I notice that the picture has been changed as well...

Nov 27 2001 13:39

Damn, I missed the fun on this one then! Are there some secret archives somewhere....?

While some might regard the RCSU Vice President's offer of resignation as regrettable, are they not playing into the hands of ICU? If the RCSU believe firmly in their cause, rather than throwing their arms up in the air and abandoning fort, they should dig their heels and get on with petitioning ICU. Superficial threats such as these do not serve to help anyone; in fact I would say that this has probably put their campaign back a few steps..... but then again I am a computing student; what would I know? (Answers short and brief please)

Nov 27 2001 18:30

Apologies for a non-short and brief answer reply to your question Paul, my resignation is not playing into the hands of ICU. The full reasons behind my resignation have not been detailed here and mostly have to do with the way student needs were addressed reagrding faculty reorganisation. The lack of student representation, due to time restraints imposed by other 'Union Bods', meant the RCSU had little time to consult and discuss their student needs and wants - and then feedback to higher bodies. What was fed back, was what I felt, not a balanced and justified report and trying to get it changed proved fairly difficult. The feedback I got back from students was negative, and me 'saying verbally' I was unhappy proved fruitless - my resignation actually made people realise that students had not been consulted and when they were, sometimes their voices were not heard. There are many more reasons why I resigned from the RCSU, yet don't really need to be openly discussed here for fear of offending other people, so I'll leave it there...for now.

So this 'superficial threat' did indeed serve its purpose, I am now rid of the Union, have had my say, served a successful time as VP, and am happy.

Lara :-)

Nov 28 2001 10:24


"So this 'superficial threat' did indeed serve its purpose, I am now rid of the Union, have had my say, served a successful time as VP, and am happy."

I take back my comments......anyone able to achieve the grand feat of removing oneself entirely from the union deserves credit. Sorry, my rather off hand and cynical comments were out of place (too much coursework, enough to drive anyone insane!!!)

10. Lara   
Nov 28 2001 12:12

Completely rid of the Union.....I may wish that, but in reality its not going to happen until the Faculty structure takes full effect.

But a nice thought anyway.

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